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A reporter is interviewing Stevie Wonder

They talk about all the amazing music he has created over the years and the incredible things he has done with his life and as a last question the reporter asks:

"But don't you wish you hadn't been born blind?"

and Stevie replies "Hey, it could've been much worse - I could have been born black"

How did Stevie Wonder respond when asked how he coped with being blind?

At least I'm not black.

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder

Ray Charles meets Stevie Wonder, they talk about their life, then Stevie says "it's just too bad we're both blind".

Ray answers "Could be worse, we could have been black"

Stevie Wonder should be on The Voice

He'd probably kill the blind auditions.

How did Stevie Wonder meet his wife?

On a blind date

Stevie Wonder (a bit racist)

Stevie wonder was asked during an interview what it felt like to be blind. He answered, "its not so bad. It could be worse, I could be black"

A blind kid named Stevie just changed schools...

And he was thinking about his old friends. Since he was blind, he never got to look at his friend, James, and he randomly thought, "Was James brown?"

After a little while, he realised he left before his friend, Marvin, came out and so he thought "Was Marvin gay?"

Needles to say, these questions really made Stevie wonder.

Where does Stevie Wonder park his car?

In blind spots.

In a blind taste test

...Stevie Wonder was delicious

Why is Stevie Wonder always smiling?

Because he might be blind, but at least he's not black

Why is Stevie wonders calendar like meeting people on tinder?

It's all blind dates...

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I devised a test to see if people prefer Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder...

It's a double blind study.

(Stolen but golden) Stevie Wonder is in the recording studio at the end of a long hard day.

He's chewing the fat with a few of the technicians.

One of them asks:

It must be hard being blind Stevie.

To which Stevie replies:

Yep, it's hard but at least I'm not black.

I feel bad for Ray Charles about the whole Stevie Wonder thing...

I mean another blind black piano player? There's no way he saw that coming.

Motivational words from Stevie Wonder.

I have lived life through a lot of troubles and made it through each and every one of them.

Being a musician is hard and making money to support myself was even harder. Being blind didn't make anything easier, but I made due.

One thing I can say I am thankful for is.

At least I'm not black.

When asked about the difficulties of being a blind musician, Stevie Wonder replied..

"It could be worse, I could be black."

Stevie Wonder: "I may be blind...

...but at least Im not black".


Stevie Wonder -7 kids

David Blunkett - 5 kids

Ray Charles - 12 kids

I think it's safe to say it's not wanking that makes you blind.

I heard Stevie Wonder took part in a clinical trial....

He was the double blind

Stevie Wonder was once asked if there could be anything worse then being blind.

To which he replied "Well... I could have been black".

I've heard of trauma causing blindness

like when Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles walked in on each other masturbating

If Stevie Wonder ever gets into a car accidents

It will most likely be because he didn't check his blind spot

Stevie Wonder was signed, sealed, delivered.

It must have been a blind bag.

What kind of blind is Stevie Wonder?

Colored blind

Chuck Norris once went to Stevie Wonders concerts and smiled at him; Stevie Wonder is now blind.

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