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Why couldn't Stevie Wonder see his friends?

Because he 's married.

A reporter is interviewing Stevie Wonder

They talk about all the amazing music he has created over the years and the incredible things he has done with his life and as a last question the reporter asks:

"But don't you wish you hadn't been born blind?"

and Stevie replies "Hey, it could've been much worse - I could have been born black"

What's black and screams

Stevie wonder answering the iron

Did you hear about Stevie Wonder getting a cheese grater for his birthday?

He said it was the most violent book he'd ever read.

What do you call a tennis match between Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder?

Endless love

I just heard Stevie wonder is a Terrible father...

He never sees his kids

What do you call it when Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles play tennis?

Endless Love



Why couldn't stevie wonder drive the bus?

There's no steering wheel in the back of the bus.

Stevie Wonder rings Tiger Woods and says

"how do you fancy a round of golf"

Tiger says "I didn't think you would be able to play Stevie"

Stevie explains how he had a caddy put a device in each hole that emits a constant high pitched tone and he can tune an earpiece into, which tells him the direction and distance to it.

Tiger says "you have to understand Stevie I am a pro golfer, it will be too much of a mismatch"

Stevie says" OK well tell you what, a million dollars says I win or are you chicken"

Tiger says "OK done, when do you want to play?"

Stevie says "any night this week"

Why can't Stevie Wonder see his mates?

Because he's married.

I wrote a book called Endless Love

It's about a tennis match between Stevie Wonder and Hellen Keller

Was Cilla black? Was Barry white? Was Marvin gay?

It doesn't really matter - it's just that Stevie wonders.

2 "black" questions that aren't racist.

What's black and sits at the top of the stairs? Stephen Hawking in a house fire.

What's black and screaming? Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

Stevie Wonder walks into a bar...

And a table, and a chair.

A bass player dies and goes to hell

when he gets there, he's surprised to find Keith Moon immediately greeting him.

Hey man, you've gotta join our band. We've got Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar, and Im on drums

the bassist looks confused and says wait, this is hell right? that sounds awesome!

well satan's got a girlfriend who sings

How did Stevie Wonder respond when asked how he coped with being blind?

At least I'm not black.

What's black and loud?

Stevie Wonder answering an iron.

What do you call a tennis match between Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder?

Endless love.

What's the definition of endless love?

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis

Rock'n'Roll Heaven

Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in his helicopter crash and goes to heaven. He is escorted by Saint Peter to a special area reserved for famous dead rock musicians. He is very honoured as he sees that he is in the company of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Buddy Holly and dozens of other famous faces from the history of rock.

Then he spies Bono preening in front of a mirror.

"Hey wait a second," he says, "Bono's not dead!"

Saint Peter replies, "Actually, that's God. He just thinks he's Bono"

Stephen Hawking walks into a bar.

Then Stevie Wonder "says wait you can walk!" Then Hellen keller says "wait you can see!"
Then hitler says "wait you're still alive!"
And that's the story about how my bartender stopped doing drugs.

What happens when Stevie Wonder tries to shave himself?

Stevie Nicks.

Why do single women take advice from other single women?

That's like Stevie Wonder giving Ray Charles driving directions

Have you seen Stevie Wonder's new piano?

Neither has he.

Stevie Wonder calls Tiger Woods and asks, "How do you fancy a round of golf?" Tiger smiles to himself and responds, "I didn't know you were able to play, Stevie."

Stevie explains how he had a caddy put a device in each hole that emits a constant high pitched tone and he can wear an earpiece which tells him the direction and distance to it.

Tiger says, "You have to understand Stevie, I'm a pro golfer, the best in the world! It will be too much of a mismatch!"

Stevie laughs, "Ok, well, tell you what, a million dollars says I win or are you chicken!?"

Angrily, Tiger mutters, "Ok, done! When do you want to play!?"

Stevie responds, "Any night this week."

Stevie Wonder got a cheesegrater for Christmas.

He said it was the most violent book he's ever read.

TIL: I am related to Stevie Wonder

I also learnt he has been telling people he has never seen me before.

Why don't you ever see Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles together?

Because Ray Charles is dead.

[Walks into a bar] Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles walk into a bar.

Then they both walk into a wall. Then Stevie walks into a chair. You can probably see where this is going... too bad they can't.

What does Stevie Wonder's wife do when they have an argument?

She rearranges the furniture

Stevie Wonder got a cheese grater for his birthday...

He said it's the most violent book he's ever read.

I saw Stevie Wonder at the airport,

but he didn't see me.

*(True story, courtesy of Dad)*

A short poem for y'all...

"*Roses are black*

*Violets are black*

*Everything's black*

*Even I am black*" - Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder should be on The Voice

He'd probably kill the blind auditions.

A poem by Stevie Wonder

Roses are black
Violets are black
Everything is black
I can't see.

How did Stevie Wonder meet his wife?

On a blind date

I saw Stevie Wonder in concert the other night

He didn't see me though

What's the fastest thing on land?

Stevie Wonder's speedboat.

What is brown and screams?

Stevie Wonder when he answers the iron.

If you ever feel bad

Just remember that Stevie Wonder is paying $25,000 a month in child support for some kids he has never seen.

What goes: Click. "Did I get it?" Click. "Did I get it?"

Stevie Wonder solving a Rubik's Cube.

Fleetwood Mac

Money has gone missing from Fleetwood Mac's dressing room again.

They're starting to suspect Stevie Nicks.

Anyone ever seen Stevie Wonders house?

Neither has he!

Stevie Wonder (a bit racist)

Stevie wonder was asked during an interview what it felt like to be blind. He answered, "its not so bad. It could be worse, I could be black"

Where does Stevie Wonder park his car?

In blind spots.

A blind kid named Stevie just changed schools...

And he was thinking about his old friends. Since he was blind, he never got to look at his friend, James, and he randomly thought, "Was James brown?"

After a little while, he realised he left before his friend, Marvin, came out and so he thought "Was Marvin gay?"

Needles to say, these questions really made Stevie wonder.

In a blind taste test

...Stevie Wonder was delicious

Why is Stevie Wonder always smiling?

Because he might be blind, but at least he's not black

Have you seen Stevie wonders new house?

He hasn't either

Stevie Wonder cheated on his wife.

So she rearranged all the furniture at the house.

Why did Stevie Wonder run away from the black cat crossing the street under a ladder?

He was very Superstitious.

I devised a test to see if people prefer Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder...

It's a double blind study.

Why is Stevie wonders calendar like meeting people on tinder?

It's all blind dates...

What is Stevie Wonder's favorite color?


What's the definition of endless love?

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing a tennis match.

What goes "Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, AAARRRRGHHHH!!!"?

Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

(Stolen but golden) Stevie Wonder is in the recording studio at the end of a long hard day.

He's chewing the fat with a few of the technicians.

One of them asks:

It must be hard being blind Stevie.

To which Stevie replies:

Yep, it's hard but at least I'm not black.

Define true love...

Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder playing tennis.

I feel bad for Ray Charles about the whole Stevie Wonder thing...

I mean another blind black piano player? There's no way he saw that coming.

What happened to ray charles and stevie wonder at the new orleans blues fest?

They ran into each other

It took Stevie Wonder 7 years to write the song Superstition...

He dropped his pencil on the first day.

Have you seen Stevie Wonder's new wife?

Neither has he.

Whenever I email Stevie Wonder

I use the BCC field.

Did you know Stevie Wonder was black?

He didn't.

Stevie Wonder is the worst father.

He has 9 children, but doesn't see a single one of them.

A magical mirror will suck in anyone who lies to it.

A skinny brunette goes up to the mirror and says "I think I'm fat" Boom sucked in. A redhead goes up to the mirror singing a Stevie Wonder song and says "I think I can sing soul music" Boom sucked in. Finally the blonde goes up to the mirror and says "I think---" Boom and the mirror sucks her in!

Motivational words from Stevie Wonder.

I have lived life through a lot of troubles and made it through each and every one of them.

Being a musician is hard and making money to support myself was even harder. Being blind didn't make anything easier, but I made due.

One thing I can say I am thankful for is.

At least I'm not black.

Stevie Wonder has a bet with Tiger Woods on a game of golf, Stevie says I will beat you, so they agree to have a $500,000 bet on it, Stevie says you name the venue and I will name the time, Tiger says OK St Augustus, so what time we playing? Stevie replied.


Why is Stevie Wonder smiling all the time?

He dosen't know he's black

What did Eric Clapton say to Stevie ray Vaughan?

Are you coming with me or are you gonna crash here?

Have you seen Stevie Wonder's mansion?

Neither did he.

Why does Stevie Wonder smile all the time?

No one told him he's black.

Stevie Wonder: "I may be blind...

...but at least Im not black".

I feel bad for Stevie Wonder...

He hasn't seen his kids in years.

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