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Believe me when I tell you that it isn't going to be easy playing poker with R. Dixon Stevenson.

That kid is feisty.

What would George "Kingfish" Stevens say about Obama if he were alive today?

We is the stuckees.

A third grade teacher addresses her class

..."alright class" she says, "before I let you go for spring break I want to remind you that I'm getting married this weekend and I'm no longer going to be Ms. Stevens I'm going to be Mrs. Prussy"

She writes M R S. P R U S S Y in big cursive letters on the blackboard and says "whomever remembers my new name when we come back from break gets a gold star for the day"

The ten days comes and goes and she's standing in front of her class early Monday morning and says"good morning class, I hope you all remembered that I got married over the break and my name isn't Ms. Stevens any more it's Mrs" And she writes M R S on the blackboard, turns around to a sea of blank faces.
Then one hand shoots up in the back

"oh! oh! Mrs. Crunt"

What's my GF's favorite Sufjan Stevens song?

I'm Drawn to the Pud

A man comes home from work and checks his answering machine

There is a message from his doctor.

"Hello Mr. Stevens, this is Dr. Smith's office. We need to speak to you right away Please call back at your earliest convienence"

The man calls the doctor's office. The doctor answers.

The man says "Hello doc it's Jim Stevens. You left a message?"

The doctor says, "Yes, I've got bad news and worse news. Which would you like first?"

The man answers: "I guess I'll take the bad news first"

Dr.- "The bad news is you have 24 hours to live."

Man- "Oh my God! What could be worse than that?"

Dr.- I've been trying to reach you since last night

Could Cat Stevens beat Wolf Blitzer?

No, but Tiger Woods

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