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  1. Family Feud must be a really hard show to work on Steve Harvey is always asking for cervezas.
  2. Christmas is always awkward in Steve Harvey's house None of the presents have the correct names.
  3. TIL Steve Harvey was the valedictorian of his graduating class. Oh wait, no he wasn't. My mistake.
  4. What do Steve Harvey and a dentist have in common? They're both experts at placing temporary crowns.
  5. Do you know what the Steve Harvey autobiography is called? Neither does his publisher. He gave it a title, but then took it back.
  6. I always knew Steve Harvey was a menace to Society... Just didn't know he particularly had it out for Texas.
  7. I'm glad Steve Harvey didn't host new years eve. I don't think I'm ready for it to be 2017 yet.
  8. Why did Leonardo di Caprio want Steve Harvey to host the Oscars? He'd get it.
  9. My dentist is Steve Harvey's brother... he pulled off my crown and sent it to the Philippines.
  10. What did Steve Harvey say after announcing Miss Universe 2015 It was just a prank bro

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  1. Just waiting for Steve Harvey to come out and say it's actually Clinton any second now
  2. The Universal Miss award goes to Steve Harvey.
  3. Did you hear about Steve Harvey's new job? Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.
  4. What would Steve Harvey change his name to if he suddenly became bulimic? Heave Starvey
  5. And best picture goes to... La La Land - Steve Harvey
  6. Did you hear about the big fight Steve Harvey had with his wife? It was a family feud.
  7. Did you hear Steve Harvey and his wife got into a fight? It was a family feud
  8. And your 2015 Miss Universe is Columbia! -Steve Harvey
  9. What would you call a bulimic Steve Harvey? Heave Starvey.
  10. So, apparently Steve Harvey got a job at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.
  11. What do you call Steve Harvey with hair? Weave Harvey
  12. "Your GPA last semester was a 4.0" \- Steve Harvey
  13. Warren Beatty Moonlights as Steve Harvey.
  14. Oscars night, Leonardo DiCaprio walks to the stage... Steve Harvey follows suit...
  15. Umm Leo, there has been a mistake... Steve Harvey wrote the cards.

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If the voting recount flips the outcome of the election, I have the perfect guy to call Trump and tell him that he's no longer going to be President...

Steve Harvey.
"I have to apologize.....the 1st runner-up, is Trump. The next President of the United States is...Hillary Clinton!"

Steve Harvey cartel joke!

Steve Harvey : Are you sure you read correctly? Should I go back? Tell me what to do!
Gabriela Tafur : You're forgiven, don't worry.
Steve Harvey : You've forgiven me but the cartel has not. They're not handling it the same way.

What's funny about Steve Harvey?

His announcing Career.......

What's black and assassinated JFK?

Steve Harvey Oswald