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I'm thinking about trying steroids...

I hear they're all the rage!


What do you call 2 chainz on steroids?


Steroids joke, What do you call 2 chainz on steroids?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was ostracised when he was young.

After taking steroids, however, he was Austria sized.

What do you call a white guy on steroids?

An athlete

I went to the doctor for a chest cold, she looked at me and asked if I'd ever taken steroids.

I said, "No. but I appreciate the compliment."

How do you call a flower on steroids?

A power plant.

Steroids joke, How do you call a flower on steroids?

Italian Bodybuilder

Did you hear about the Italian Bodybuilder? He loves astrophysics! He even said:
"I love-a steroids"

I actually admire Lance Armstrong finally admitting to using steroids.

It must have really taken ball to admit.

Did you hear about the terrorist that took steroids?

He blew up overnight.

My Russian dad told me to eat the breakfast of champions..... I took a bunch of Steroids

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I figured it out!

Asteroids are just meteors on steroids

Where did soldiers take steroids?

In the tren-ches

After being recommended by my boss, I've started taking an active interest in steroids.

He said I need to get into gear.

What do you call an ambulance with loads of steroids in it?

Ambu-Lance Armstrong

What would you say if you saw the blue fish from Finding Nemo lifting weights and taking steroids?

"Well that's hunky Dory!"

Steroids joke, What would you say if you saw the blue fish from Finding Nemo lifting weights and taking steroids?

Why don't emo kids take steroids ?

Cause then they would get emo-roids

The Russian Paralympic team has been banned because of steroids .....

They wanted to appeal their case but their lawyer told them they did not have a leg to stand on.

Why isn't the Russian army as strong as expected?

Because they wasted all their steroids on figure skaters a month ago.

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