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What did the sterile australian say to his wife that wanted kids

Im afraid i cant mate

I showed my sterile friend a photo of my son.

He just couldn't conceive of such a thing.

I had always thought becoming sterile through testicular trauma was the same as having a vasectomy

Turns out, there's a vas deferens

Sterile joke, I had always thought becoming sterile through testicular trauma was the same as having a vasectomy

I tried incubating some chicks but turns out my rooster is sterile.

Oh well.
No harm, no fowl.

Mr and Mrs..

Mr and Mrs Sterile have no children.

Why was the sterile Grizzly upset?

Because he couldn't Bear children.

A man is standing at the office water cooler...

...Talking animatedly telling his coworker he found that his girlfriend was poking holes in his condoms. He elbows the other guy and says "luckily I found out years ago I'm sterile, really dodged a bullet there."

The other guy scoffs "is it really dodging bullets if you're shooting blanks?"

Sterile joke, A man is standing at the office water cooler...

What does the sterile man say when asked if he's gonna get neutered?

Vas the deferens?

What is a surgeon's excuse for not wearing a condom?

Don't worry baby, I'm sterile.

What do you call a sterile fruit?

A cantaloupe.

Between being sterile and not having sex,

...there is a vas deferens.

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The best watermelons are like sterile men

They come seedless.

What do you call a great but sterile ape?

A seedless grape

Weed strin humor

At the dispensary there is a stain called Aldous Huxley. If you smoke it with your wife she becomes sterile.


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