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I stepped on a rusty Lego the other day...

I'm worried I might have contracted Tetris.

I stepped on snail once as a child.

I guess it was my first crush.

How did the Mongols get to Europe?

Steppe by steppe.

Steppe joke, How did the Mongols get to Europe?

How did the Mongol empire become so large?

One steppe at a time

Once upon a time

...there was a Chieftain who presided over a community that lived in the steppe, where everything was grassland as far as the eye could see, and almost no trees grew. Because of its rarity, wood was prized, and this Chieftain happened to own a large, ornate chair made of wood that was his most priceless possession.

Now in this community it was c

I stepped on a nail the other day

I was going to avoid it but I didn't see the point

I stepped into my shower today only to find hot dogs coming out of the shower head

My plumber calls it a "meatier shower".

Steppe joke, I stepped into my shower today only to find hot dogs coming out of the shower head

I stepped on a grape once.

It didn't scream, but it did let out a little whine.

What did the Chinese say to Genghis Khan before he launched his invasion?

"What are you doing, steppe bro!?"

I just stepped on a cornflake.

Now I'm officially a cereal killer.

What did the Mongol invaders say to the Hungarians when they suddenly appeared and attacked?

"Should have watched your steppe."

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How did Marco Polo cross Siberia?

He took it one steppe at a time.

I stepped on a corn flake

Now I'm a cereal killer.

How did Genghis Khan conquer Mongolia?

One steppe at a time.

Stepped on an African guy's foot today

He shrugged and said "hey man, what Uganda do about it?".

He laughed, I laughed, good times, good times.

I stepped on some cornflakes this morning

I am now a cereal killer

Steppe joke, I stepped on some cornflakes this morning

How did Djengis Khan found Mongolia?

One steppe at a time.

I stepped on a table at the office and told a lame joke. Surprisingly, everyone laughed.

My pants were open.

I stepped on the scale today and I only weighted 150 lbs.

Not sure why the dial spun a full 360 before it stopped on 150 though.

I stepped outside the other day and saw a butterfly wrapped in a cocoon.

This morning when I went out it had turned into a spider. Nature is amazing.

I stepped over a dwarf at work today.

He was beneath me.

I stepped on a snail when I was young.

I guess you could call it my first crush.

Just stepped on a Clif Bar...

Now it's a Cliff Burton Bar

What's a stair's favorite place to live?

A steppe climate.

I stepped on a land mime once..

It didn't make a sound when it went off, but I hopped around the rest of the day as though my foot had been blown off.

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