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What's the difference between Disney and PornHub?

Disney teaches you to hate your stepmother.

What do you do if you see your stepmother hobbling around in the backyard?


What do they call number 17 in black jack ?

The stepmother, because sometimes you want to hit her, even though you shouldn't

My mother gave birth to me on the stairs

Well, I guess she's really my stepmother

What is the difference between Disney+ and Xvideos?

Disney+ wants you to hate your stepmother.

What do a wicked stepmother and a gag reflex have in common?

They both keep you from getting to the ball!

So this Pharaoh was making a dinner reservation...

Tutankhamen- I'd like to make a reservation for dinner, it's a special occasion. Name, Tutankhamen.

Restaurant Host- Oh, nice, who will you be dining with?

Tutankhamen- Oh my wife, also my sister and step-mother.

Restaurant Host- Ok, I'll put you in for a table for four, near the grotto.

Tutankhamen- Four? I'm just bringing Ankhesenamun.

One day I teased my crush in class...

and told her, "sucks for you girls, you don't know what your last name will be ten years from now because it changes when you get married. I know my last name will be Smith my whole life." She replied, "Oh, but I do know. It will be Smith." She then turned pink and looked down. I gave her a wide smile.

Ten years later, she became my stepmother.

(This joke was translated from Chinese so sorry if parts don't make sense.)

What do you call it when your Stepmother poops?

A Step-Stool

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