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I couldn't follow the storyline of Stephen King's It

Too many Maine characters.

I was walking past a homeless man when he yelled, "Stephen King is my older brother and he stole the ideas for all his novels from me!"

I replied, "Surely you must be Joe."

I went to a bookstore recently.

Someone was throwing Stephen King books at everyone. I wondered why they were doing that. Then IT hit me.

So I heard the new Iphone is gonna have that new Stephen King movie preloaded onto it.

Yeah. X is gonna give IT to ya.

Lately I've noticed a strange fascination shared by everybody that comes over to my house. They can't seem to get enough of this one Stephen King book I have on my shelf.

I guess it's true what they say; company loves Misery.

My friend Stephen King has a son named Joe

I'm not Joking, he is

Whenever we had guests over, my wife would get embarrassed because I have the mind of a child.

In a jar. On the coffee table. (Credit to Stephen King for this one)

I held the record for collecting Stephen King's books.

Then I lost It.

Why can't you own just one Stephen King novel?

Because 'Misery' loves company.

I watched a silent film version of Stephen Kings "it" the other day.

It was Shh-it.

What do you call Kim Jong-un reading a Stephen King novel?

Fearless Reader

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A big moron and a little moron were walking along a bridge...

When, suddenly, the big moron fell off and into the river!

Fortunately, the little moron was able to stay on the bridge, if only because he was a little more on.

(Joke credit to Stephen King)

Stephen King named his son Joe.

No, I'm not joking...

The guy that polishes my shoes doesn't enjoy Stephen King's books.

But he's always loved The Shining

Stephen King didn't like my Halloween costume.

I dressed like a clown but he said I was doing it wrong

A windmill was spotted at The Dark Tower premier this weekend.

People said it was a huge Stephen King fan.

Stephen King is like, I know a place

and then everyone is like, Maine, we KNOW.

I don't want to spoil the ending of IT by Stephen King

But I can tell you, IT's going down well

Tom Hanks was recently quoted talking about how much he disliked one of Stephen King's novels.

T. Hanks: I hate It.

I'm inviting everyone reading this, to join me in a session to think about Stephen King's iconic shape-shifting clown.

Come to think of it.

When Stephen King was born

No one knew he had It coming.

Just became friends with one of Stephen King's sons, Joe

I told a friend about it. They replied You're joking right?

And I said, No, but he is

Did you hear about the guy who was caught stealing Stephen King novels?

He didn't get away with IT.

When people ask me what my favorite Stephen King novel is...

I've said it before and I'll say it again

Did you hear about the feminist remake of Stephen King's Carrie?

When Carrie gets drenched in blood, she runs home from the prom and writes an angry Tumblr post about how triggered she is.

I just realized why Joe Hill won't take his dad (Stephen King) last name...

because everyone would think he was Joking.

I was listening to a Stephen King novel on my wife's audiobook, and it accidentally broke.

Now I'll never hear the end of It.

What is a geeks favorite horror novel?

Information Technology by Stephen King

To celebrate the remake of the movie adaptation of Stephen King's "It," restaurants released their second version of eggnog with a scoop of ice cream and a peppermint stick:

The "Yule float II." Only $1.99 You'll make sure to get your change - if you want to be penny-wise.

Did you know that the clown from Stephen King's novel used to live at his previous job?

He worked at the IT department.

Who is taking care of Stephen King's PC and router problems?

Stephen King's "IT"

I had sex with a prostitute in a clown costume before Stephen King wrote that horror novel.

In a pro pre-It.

Whats the scariest part about Stephen King Novels?

The length

Stephen King has a son called Joe.

And also one called Owen!

Hassan Minaj tells all his jokes in the same format.

Thats like if every Stephen King book was just the same mad lib filled in differently.

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