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Stephen Hawking had a hot date last night. She stood him up...

And he immediately fell on the floor.

Why can't Stephen Hawking dance?

Because he's white.

How do you know Stephen Hawking has jungle fever?

He knows a lot about black holes

Steph joke, How do you know Stephen Hawking has jungle fever?

Stephen Hawkins goes on a date....

he comes back a couple of hours later with broken glasses, grazed knees, twisted ankle.

She'd stood him up.

Why is Stephen Hawking so controversial?

He never changes his position.

What did Stephen Hawking say when his computer broke?

When I saw Stephen Fry was getting married to a much younger man I wondered what a gay cougar was called.

A pink panther.

Steph joke, When I saw Stephen Fry was getting married to a much younger man I wondered what a gay cougar was ca

What do Stephan Harper and pennies have in common?

They're both useless in Canada.

My Stephen Hawking book finally arrived from eBay.

It's about time.

How does Stephen Hawking refresh after a long day?


Stephen Hawking can actually be pretty funny sometimes...

But I don't think he's got what it takes to do stand-up.

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Why doesn't Stephen Hawking need a wife?

Because he has his own shoulder to cry on.

What if Stephen hawking was the real slim shady?

but we would never know because he couldn't stand up?

How does Stephen Hawking have sex?

Enter, backspace, enter, backspace, enter, backspace...

What's Stephen Hawking's favorite meal?

His shoulder.

One more...what's black and sits at the top of a staircase? Stephen Hawking after a house fire. I'm so sorry

What does Stephen Hawking say when his computer crashes?


Steph joke, What does Stephen Hawking say when his computer crashes?

Do you know if Stephen Hawking still has his old phone number?

Everytime I call, a machine answers.

Hello?.... Steph?

Man: Can I get Steph Curry's number?

Operator: 1-800-war-rior

Man: I tried that, but it didn't ring

How does Stephen Hawking commit suicide?


Stephen Hawking wrote another book,

It's about time.

Why is Stephen Hawking successful?

He can't run away from his responsibilities.

Stephen Hawking has finally released his new book about space.

It's about time, too.

Stephen Hawking finally published his new book.

It's about time.

Stephen Hawking says we only have 1000 more years left as a civilization

He's just mad that we haven't figured out how to get him out of that wheelchair by now

Why does Stephen Hawking do one-liners?

Because he can't do stand up

What if Stephen Hawking

Is the real Slim Shady but he can't stand up

Stephen Hawking can be pretty funny sometimes,

But I dont think he could do standup

What is Stephen Hawking's favorite snack?

His left shoulder

Stephen Hawking is a very paranoid man

He's always looking over his shoulder.

What was Stephen Hawking when he was younger?

Stephen Walking

"Stephen, am I a bad mother?"

"My name is Chris.."

Stephen Hawking is actually the real Slim Slady

He just can't stand up.

Stephen Hawking is a terrible role model for our kids.

He only looks one way when crossing the street

What's Stephen Hawking's least favorite kind of comedy?


Why does Stephen Hawking date African Americans?

Because he loves to study black holes.

Have you seen Stephen Hawking's new communication device?

It really speaks for itself.

Stephen Hawking diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

It was easy to fix, they just uninstalled his pop-up blocker.

My friends compare my luck with the ladies to Steph Curry...

I ball pretty hard but I still hit 3's like it's going out of style

Stephen Hawking recently released his most recent book. He has spent the last 15 years writing it.

It's about time.

Why is Stephen Hawking a bad comedian?

He can't do stand-up.

Stephen Hawking

If Stephen hawking started a company, What would his position in the company be?

The Chairman

How do we know it's Stephen Hawking talking and not just the black box?

There are no ads.

What if Stephen Colbert got involved in a scandal?

It would be called Colgate.

Why does Stephen Hawking only do one liners

He can't do standup comedy!

Stephen Hawkins went on a date, he returned home upset and hurt.

She stood him up.

Why is Stephen such a neutral name?

Because its pH is in the middle.

Stephen Hawking has his first date in a long time...

When he returned from the date, he had a twisted ankle, a broken wrist, his glasses were cracked and there was dirt all over his clothes.

Apparently she stood him up.

Stephen Hawking has passed at the age of 76.

ALS well that ends well.

What were Stephen Hawking's last words?

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Why can't you own just one Stephen King novel?

Because 'Misery' loves company.

Stephen King didn't like my Halloween costume.

I dressed like a clown but he said I was doing it wrong

First Stephen Hawking, now Avicii?

Tough year for the Electronic community.

Stephen Hawking...

It's a shame Stephen Hawking died. He could pursue a career in comedy. Too bad he can't do stand-ups!

Stephen Fry broke a world record when he read the entire Harry Potter series live on BBC Radio 4.

Listeners were disappointed that he didn't read it out loud...

Stephen Hawking was quite persistant in his older age

He never walked away from a challange

Stephen Hawking's favorite Migos song is Walk it Like I Talk It

He couldn't do either

Why did Stephen Hawking only eat meat?

Because eating vegetables would be cannibalism.

Stephen Hawking's final theory, written just before he died, was released yesterday.

It's about time

Did Stephen Hawking have a donor card?

. .Cos I really need bits for my kids go-kart

Stephen Hawking dick joke

I can finally get an erection.
The doctor's disabled my pop-up blocker.

When Stephen King was born

No one knew he had It coming.

Why was Stephen Hawking always so quick with the one liners?

Well, he wasn't exactly gonna try stand-up, was he?

Stephen King named his son Joe.

No, I'm not joking...

Stephen King is like, I know a place

and then everyone is like, Maine, we KNOW.

Why was Stephen Hawkins arrested when he was visiting Uganda?

Because he was looking for black holes.

Stephen Hawking walked into a bar

Just kidding he rolled

Stephen Hawking went on a date the other day.

When he went back to his family, he had a dislocated shoulder, 2 broken ribs, and a popped kneecap. It was because she stood him up.

Stephen Hawking walks into a bar.

Then Stevie Wonder "says wait you can walk!" Then Hellen keller says "wait you can see!"
Then hitler says "wait you're still alive!"
And that's the story about how my bartender stopped doing drugs.

Stephen Hawking dick joke

Why did Steven hawking never get a boner?
Cause google blocked his pop up !

Why didn't Stephen hawking host a talk show?

because he can't do stand-up comedy

What do Stephen Hawking and Tony Hawk have in common?

The both love ramps.

Did you know that Stephen King has a son named Joe?

I'm not joking, but he is

Stephen Hawkings' last paper on space is finally going to published posthumously...

It's about time too.

Not only was Stephen Hawking a great physicist, he was also a great comedian.

Sadly, his stand-up wasn't very good.

Stephen Hawking walks into a bar...

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