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  1. A boy says to his step-dad "You're not my real dad", and his step-dad says "you're right, because I'm here right now".
  2. After years of my mom telling me to bond with my stepdad... We finally bonded over a shared annoyance of her forcing us to do bonding activities.
    I guess you could call it ironic bonding.
  3. My cat and my paraplegic stepdad are so similar. Neither like being tossed in the neighbor's pool.
  4. My family's last name is 'Expectation' The entire family is currently in the hospital because of my stepdad, he started with me and said that for once in his life he'd beat all expectations
  5. Borrowed a pair of my stepdad's socks the other day He said to be careful as they were his lucky golfing socks.
    They have a hole in one.
  6. What did my step-dad say before bludgeoning by brother to death with a vacuum cleaner? Dyson.
  7. Apparently 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce... So if your dad hasn't been divorced, your step-dad probably has.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! H/t to my stepdad who asked me, "what's the capital of France?" "F"
    I love you, stepdad.

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Stepdad One Liners

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  1. What's a step-dad? Beats me.
  2. I don't like to call my stepdad my "stepdad", I like to call him my "faux pa".
  3. My stepdad hates it when I call him 'fake dad' He prefers 'Faux Pa'
  4. What's a fun name to call your new Italian Step-Dad? Papa Guinea
  5. So I just got kicked out of the house... All I did was sleep with my stepdad's wife.
  6. My stepdad hates it when I call him Bernie... He's really sensitive a about his scars...
  7. What's gray and comes in quarts? According to my mom, my new stepdad
  8. My Buddy Is So Mixed... He doesn't know who his step-dad is.
  9. When I was younger I got r**... after a dance recital But atleast my stepdad came
  10. I call my mom and step-dads marriage " 12 years a s**...". He is the s**....

Stepdad joke, I call my mom and step-dads marriage " 12 years a s**...".

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Tommy comes back off his holiday with his mum and his step dad and the teacher asks him...

"Hello Tommy, did you enjoy your holiday?"
"I did Teacher"
"And did your stepdad take you out, show you things, go exploring?"
"Yes he did teacher, he took me out rowing 1/2 a mile into the lake every day, and then I'd swim back."
"Oh, well, um, it's an awful long way to swim isn't, 1/2 a mile?"
"Oh no teacher, no, it was easy once I'd got out of the bag!"

My stepdad told me it was pointless to apply to med-school because I was too s**... to be a doctor

8 years later and one of us is an unemployed loser with a drinking problem and the other is making six figures and going to Hawaii this weekend to renew his wedding vows with my mom.

Step-dad tells his step-son to clean his room

Step-son: Am I going to have to pour hot melted cheese all over myself?
Step-dad: Why would you have to do that?
Step-son: To remind you that I'm NACHO son


the new Paranormal Activity 3 is about a ghost who stalks little girls and makes them play with him late at night when the mum and step-dad are not around.
Glad to see Michael Jackson back to his old tricks.

Stepdad joke, What's a fun name to call your new Italian Step-Dad?