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What's the difference between a church bell & a politician?

A church bell peals from the steeple.

Bell Ringer Wanted

A beautiful, old church with a tall steeple and bell tower was in need of someone to ring the bell every hour as the priest was getting too old to climb the stairs.

He put out a sign asking for someone to fill the position, and an hour later he hears 3 slow thuds on the front door. The priest opens the door to find a man standing there with no arms. He says, "I am here about the open position, it has always been my dream to ring the bell in this church".

Hesitant, the priest figures he will let the man audition, so they walk all the way to the top of the steeple where the large bell resides. The priest tells the man to go ahead and ring the bell, not sure how he will be able to pull the cord without any arms.

The man takes a few steps back, then runs and jumps face first at the bell, and it let out the most amazing ring causing the entire town to stop in awe. The man however, was bleeding from the nose after hitting his face, and the priest said, "that was the most beautiful sound the bell has ever made, but I cannot allow you do that to yourself every hour".

Distraught, the man throws himself from the top of the bell tower to the streets below. Two men walking by see the man fall, and stop near the body. One says to the other, "he looks familiar, do you know his name". The other man replies, "no, but his face rings a bell".


A church was flooded out and as the preacher stood on the pews, parishioners came by in a boat. "No thanks" the preacher said, "I'll put my faith in the Lord."
As waters rose, the preacher climbed on the roof of the church. When the boat passed by again the preacher said "No thanks, I'll put my faith in the Lord."
The waters rose and as the preacher clung to the steeple he refused a helicopter stating, "No thanks, I'll put my faith in the Lord."
The preacher drowned and when he met the Lord he said, "Lord why did you forsake me?" The Lord said, "What are you talking about? I sent you two boats and a helicopter"!!!

What do you call an Italian girl inside a church steeple?


What type of building is hardest to climb?

A church. It's just too steep-le.

What did one Christian say to the other?

"I think that we should see other steeple"

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