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Date night

I was on a date with a girl last night and the conversation started to get steamy. She was holding my hand and I said; "just by using these fingers I could make you scream."
Seductively she leant forward and purred "well go on then, show me..."
So I poked her in the eye!

PC gamers don't take hot showers.

They take Steam-y ones.

A woman and her wealthy lover traveled across Europe

They started their tryst in Amsterdam, before traveling to Barcelona, then Cologne, and Dublin. After months of travel and steamy sex, they ended in Zurich.

It was a sorted affair.

I can't find this joke.

No, that was not a setup for a joke, I can't remember the original joke that goes something like
"I'm as straight as an uncooked noodle."
"Well even noodles get curvy when things get steamy," or whatever.
I can't find it and I'm frustrated.
Please help. If anybody finds it I'll reply a joke to them.

I want to take my dream girl on a traction engine ride

Things will get steamy pretty quickly.

[Nsfw] What do you call it when getting ad hoc legal advice from a friend turns into a night of steamy passion?


I was having a steamy sex with my wife's younger sister.

When she suddenly walked into our activity and said, "You people disgust me."

I said, "We never discussed you at all."

Tina Turner has just created her own super computing system

She's figured out a way to run it, using just water and heat. Apparently she's gonna call it Steamy Windows

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