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What do you call a crippled kid locked in a hot car?

Steamed Vegetable.

I was at a Chinese restaurant...

when I realized that a duckling is a small duck. So I decided to cancel my order of steamed dumplings.


To teach kids about democracy, I let them vote on dinner: pizza or tacos .

They picked pizza.

So I made steamed broccoli because that's what we get after we are done voting.

(Blatant copy from another joke)

What do you call an angry paraplegic?

A steamed vegetable.

What do you call a group of coma patients in a sauna?

Steamed vegetables

What's the difference between a steamed fish and a stupid donkey?

One's a dum bass, the other's a dumb ass.

What Do You Call A Catatonic In A Sauna?

A steamed vegetable

Confucious once said...

"How much for 2 steamed buns?"

What does water do when its mad?

It gets STEAMED...

What do you call a vaping vegan?

A steamed vegetable

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