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STDs are like sweets....

I enjoy giving them to little children

How do you avoid STDs while in a dangerous cult?

By making sure to practice safe sects

What do Pokemon and STDs have in common?

If you toss your balls around randomly for long enough you're bound to catch one

Stds joke, What do Pokemon and STDs have in common?

I can't mention STDs around my friend who has herpes

It's a sore spot

STDS are like Pokemon

My dad gave me the best ones when I was 12

A guy and a girl are lying in bed after a hookup.

"Listen," the guy says, "do you have that certificate that says you don't have STDs?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well you can throw that away"

What musical instrument do people with STDs play?

The herpsichord.

Stds joke, What musical instrument do people with STDs play?

What do fables and STDs have in common?

Both can be passed on orally!

If lemons could get STDs, what would they get?


Looked in the mirror and realized how ugly I am

First thing I did was call every person ive ever slept with to get tested. Not for STDs but they clearly need a psychiatric evaluation.

Why did Ollivander get himself tested for STDs?

Because his John Hurt.

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I saw a viral video today.

It taught me a lot about STDs.

In order to stay healthy one should avoid putting unhealthy things inside their body.

That includes STDs.

How are QVC and STDs alike?

they're both ways to get something cheap that ends up looking awful

Did you know guys can get STDs from public toilets?

All you have to do is sit down before the other guy gets up.

Condoms prevent pregnancy..

and other STDs.

Stds joke, Condoms prevent pregnancy..

Interestingly enough, you can get STDs from a toilet seat…

But only if you sit down before the other guy gets off.

Source: QI

Video games, to me, are like STDs.

I have a lot of video games.

Some people

They're kind of like STDs , at first you don't like them, and then they start to grow on you.

Hey guys i wrote a song about STDs

It's pretty catchy

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