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In 2‌‌019 w‌‌e w‌‌ere staying a‌‌way f‌‌rom nnegative people.

In 2‌‌020 w‌‌e are staying a‌‌way f‌‌rom positive people.

I was staying in a hotel last night. Before I went to bed, I phoned down to reception.

Hi, this is room 317. Can I have a wake-up call, please?

The receptionist replied, Yes. You're fat, in your 40′s and given you're staying in such a cheap hotel probably haven't achieved much in your life.

Staying at a house that talks.

In a manor of speaking.

Stayin joke, Staying at a house that talks.

How do you know when you're staying in a hillbilly hotel?

When you call the front desk and say, "I gotta leak in my sink,"
and the clerk replies, "okay, Go ahead."

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I was staying in an Hotel

Last night I was staying in an hotel, trying to get some sleep after a long day of travel, meetings, and work.

I kept getting woken up by a woman screaming at me and beating on the door of the room.

She just wouldn't stop, I tried to ignore her as best I could but I finally came to accept the fact, after a few hours, if I wanted to get any sleep, I would have to let her out.

I was staying in a hotel last night.

I phoned down to reception. Hi, this is room 26 Can I have a wake up call, please? She said Yes, you're in your mid 30s, Single, live with your mother and have achieved nothing in life!"

Stayin joke, I was staying in a hotel last night.

I was staying at a fancy hotel....

...and it said in the Guest Services, "Dial *75 for Turn-Down Service". So, I dialed *75.

A woman answered the phone saying, "I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last man on earth!"

It's nice that while I'm traveling, I can still get some things that remind me of home.

I was staying at my girlfriends house last night and her dad wouldn't let us sleep in the same bed.

I'm staying a virgin for my entire life...

To set a good example for my kids .

I was staying in a crappy motel. In the middle of the night a beautiful woman woke me up by pounding on the door and begging me to open it. I felt so bad...

... that I decided to let her out.

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Staying at the beach this week, and can't help but wonder how so many parts of the ocean can appear so dirty...

...when there's more or less tide in it every single day.

So I was staying at my uncles...


My nephew, mommy you're kind of fat.

My uncle, no she's not son she's just big boned.

My nephews expression immediately drops,

Daddy is she okay?

Yeah why wouldn't she be?

Why do her bones jiggle?

I'm never staying at the Marriott again.

When I pulled up to the front of the hotel some gang called "The Valets" tried to take my car.

Staying alive is easy

I can do it in my sleep

I was staying at a hotel when the housekeeper would not stop banging on the door

After a long time, I decided to get up and let her out

Stayin joke, I was staying at a hotel when the housekeeper would not stop banging on the door

Staying strapped probably has completely different implications

When you're a gangster rapper vs. being highly into BDSM...

Staying Positive

Who needs anti depressants when you have a Van Der Graaf Generator

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