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No matter how much you push the envelope.

It'll still be stationery.

My paper aeroplane won't fly.

It's completely stationery.

No matter how hard I tried to push the envelope...

It was still stationery.

Stationery joke, No matter how hard I tried to push the envelope...

It doesn't matter how much one pushes the envelope

It will always be stationery.

What type of objects do not accelerate, regardless of the force applied?

Letterhead and envelopes. No matter how hard you try, they remain stationery!

It doesn't matter how far you push the envelope.

It'll still be stationery.

Push the envelope all you want...

It'll always be stationery

Stationery joke, Push the envelope all you want...

What do you call a pencil super-glued to the floor?

Stationary stationery

I built a car out of writing paper and matching envelopes, but it didn't move.

It was stationery.

I tried to pick up a letter but I couldn't

It was stationery

No matter how far you manage to throw a piece of paper

It is still stationery.

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A stationery store was broken into. Box files, wall calendars and appointment diaries were stolen.

Police suspect highly organised crime.

Why didn't the pen move?

Because it was stationery

I bought an England stationery set earlier.

It's missing three pens.

What do you call a piece of paper that doesn't move?

Stationary stationery.

My boss wants me to push the envelope but what's the use... will still be stationery.

Stationery joke, My boss wants me to push the envelope but what's the use...

They say everyone has to push the envelope sometime...

But I don't see why. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.

What do you call a stationery convention in Philadelphia?


You're my one and only love.

One day, a gorgeous young woman comes into the stationery and asks the clerk:

-Do you have cards with a red heart, an arrow trough it and "You are my One and only Love." written in big golden letters?

-Sure we do, valentine's right around the corner.

-Good, I'll take a dozen please.

Someone stole my pencil case off my desk and ran with it

I guess it's no longer stationery

I was TAing an electrostatics lab.

The experiment was to see what happens when you rub wool on a bunch of rods of different materials and then bring the rods near scraps of paper. One student's lab report had this observation on what happens when you try to electrostatically charge up a metal rod and bring it near paper: paper remains stationery

My friend owns a store and he hadn't made any profit, even during the back to school season.

Me- You should consider moving your store.

Friend- I cant!

Me- Why?

Friend- Coz its stationery.

I made a bicycle out of scrapbooking supplies

It's a stationery bike.

Why do pencil races take so long?

Because pencils are stationery.

No matter how far you push the envelope it will still be stationery

(I know how to spell stationary)

If I send a letter to the International Space Station...

does that mean it's in stationery orbit?

I'm selling my stationery bike.

The pedaling makes it nearly impossible to write a letter.

My Career's Going Nowhere.

I'm in charge of stationery.

The biggest problem with my business selling pens and pencils.....

Having stationery stock

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