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Ever wondered why starwars episode 4,5 and 6 came before episode 1,2 and 3.

Because, incharge of scheduling Yoda was

Empire Strikes Back is still my favorite StarWars episode.

One could say it is a perfect 5/7.

This is for any Starwars fans

Son: Dad, why is my sister name Hope?

Dad: Because, your mother always thought the world needed hope

Son: Ok, thanks dad

Dad: Your welcome Starwars Standalone Kenobi Series

Starwars joke, This is for any Starwars fans

My wife told me she was tired of me always talking about StarWars and nothing else

I told her only a Sith deals in absolutes

[Starwars] How can you tell Luke is Uncircumcised?

Because he has Force Kin.

I haven't seen the new starwars film yet.

After the Last Jedi I'm afraid it might be just Han So-so.

Anyone remember this from the Austin Powers commercial?

"If you see one movie this summer... see Starwars... but if you see two movies see Austin Powers...."

Starwars joke, Anyone remember this from the Austin Powers commercial?

Are there Jedi nuns in starwars?

Because Force of Habbit is a film I would watch.

Anyone else heard about the new Star-Wars GPS

It's called the D2-R

What is Tumblr's favourite Starwars character?

Ana-kin Cisguy-walker.

What do you call God in StarWars?

A Skywalker

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