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  1. How is a punchline like a starving African child? If you spend too much time explaining why it's funny, it dies.
  2. Donating Tamagotchis to Africans Whenever people donate Tamagotchies to starving kids in Africa, I can't help but think how depressing it must be to have a virtual pet that'll live longer than you.
  3. You know what African mothers tell their children every day? Be grateful for what you have. Because there are fat children starving in Mississippi.
  4. What did Jared Fogle say to the starving African girl? You can eat at my subway, it's free.
  5. An African mother and her son sitting at the dinner table. The boy exclaims: Mom, I don't want to e**... vegetables!
    She replies: There are children starving in America.

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  1. What happens when you feed a starving african? 10 starving africans
  2. What's worse that burning the turkey on thanksgiving? Being a starving African Child.
  3. What did the Starving African kid get for christmas?
  4. I bit into a raw onion. It tasted bad, so I gave it to my nearest starving African child.
  5. How do you starve an African American? Hide his food stamps under his work boots!
  6. For just 16¢ a day you could feed a starving african child... ...they eat pennies.

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Historians now think that Gandhi wasn't starving himself in protest

Although he did not eat for long periods of time, which may look like fasting, It it now hypothesized that he was just trying African food.