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In 1466, Dracula started eating 16-year-old virgins.

In 2015, he died of starvation.

I recently flew to Africa to do some charity work.

It was an eye-opening, shocking experience.
The poverty, the starvation, the fighting.... the *smell*, the noise....

I am never flying economy again.

Two spiders are at another spiders funeral.

"Peter was the most gentle spider I ever knew. He wouldn't hurt a fly."

"Yeah, that's true. Do you know what he died from?"


Starvation joke, Two spiders are at another spiders funeral.

An emaciated man was found dead in his bathtub.

The apparent cause of death was starvation. Oddly, he still had enough food in his fridge, and no apparent mobility problems that would prevent him from getting to it. His relatives did not know of any mental problems either.

The best investigator in the city was called to the scene. She takes one look at the bathroom and asks the relatives,

"Was he a programmer?"

"Yes, why?"

She wordlessly shows them a large shampoo bottle with an instruction: "1. Apply the shampoo. 2. Rinse. 3. Repeat the procedure."

A lesbian couple discussed what they should go eat.

They died of starvation.

My former roommate was overweight so he asked me for a diet idea. I told him to stop eating after 8 PM.

He had dinner at 7 PM that day, and died of starvation a few days later.

Communism never killed anyone.

They died due to starvation.

Starvation joke, Communism never killed anyone.

Fred Phelps, leader of Westboro Baptist Church, found dead in home surrounded by piles of partially chewed food. Cause of death: starvation. Next to his body was a note in his own handwriting

"Can't swallow cause that's gay"

What's the one thing that makes everything taste better?


What is it called when starvation causes brain damage?

A hungry hungry hippocampus!

Trying to be healthier, so I found a list of 10 foods I love that fight disease...

Too bad all of them were only good for fighting starvation.

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A bodybuilder gets lost in the woods...

And dies of starvation when he can't find his whey.

A cowboy walks into Africa

"What in starvation"

Why didn't the republican promise the homeless person food?

He knew the democrat would promise food, so then the homeless person would die of starvation

People dying of starvation in Africa are worse off than western cancer patients right?

So why is my wife getting all the attention while I'm at home starving to death?

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