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WebMD has integrated Google's Deepmind.

On startup it performed a self diagnostic test.

Turns out, it's cancer.

Brilliant idea for a start-up

Imma build a new operating system which, when the disk gets full, randomly deletes half your files.

Gonna call it thanOS.

Why did Muhammad hire Moses to help with his start-up?

He wanted to double his prophets.

Startup joke, Why did Muhammad hire Moses to help with his start-up?

Why did the startup founder take a pill in Ibiza?

To show a VC he was cool.

A start-up company was deciding over something to manufacture

Something local that wouldn't cost much.
They figured filtered water would fit this category.

After running it through all the bodies of the company, they decided on making bread. The water market was oversaturated.

Which Beatle wanted to make it big as an entrepreneur?

Ringo Startup

What do you name an African tech startup?

Double Click!

(Okay, Khoisan only.)

Startup joke, What do you name an African tech startup?

I'm thinking of investing in a start-up company that produces religious icons.

I guess you could say that I'm engaging in idol speculation.

Why did the man's bird feed startup go under?

The seed money fell through.

I made a poor investment in an internet startup.

They sold brick and mortar.

Where will a pornstar launch her new tech startup?

Silicone Valley

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Did you hear Microsoft has improved the startup time of their Canadian tablets?

Aboot time, eh?

Why did the blonde put her laptop in the microwave?

Because Windows froze on startup.

Why did my Exotic Bird Startup Store fail?

I didn't have enough seed money.

My dream is to create a bioengineering startup that solves world hunger by developing a self-replicating noodle

Laugh now, but one day you're going to see my Copy Pasta everywhere.

Where will you find a pornstar tech startup?

Silicone Valley

Startup joke, Where will you find a pornstar tech startup?

In the new venture "Innovation Start-up Airlines" you can order tickets in 3 basic tariffs:

* Economy class
* Business class
* Business failed class

The LHC was shut down recently by a weasel

Seems that the problem was a stoatal disaster for physics and may cause significant delays in startup.

How many startup CEOs does it take to change a light bulb?

Change a light bulb? Pfft! We are game changers.

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