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Top 10 of the Funniest Startle Jokes and Puns

How does a panda act when you startle it?


I was at a Safari, when the guide told us, If you ever see a lion charging, reach behind your back and fling some poop at the lion to startle him.

Me: Where will I find the poop?

Guide: Trust me, it'll be there.

I like to hold hands at the movies.

Which always seems to startle strangers.

Startle joke, I like to hold hands at the movies.

I was told to keep quiet at my grandpa's funeral .

I guess they didn't want me to startle grandpa to death.

There's a protocol when it comes to bears [Long]

If you go camping, you should carry bells so not to startle a bear and be attacked, and pepper spray in case it does.

It would help to learn the scat of the bear, so you can avoid areas with dangerous species.

Brown and black bear's is small and dark.

Grizzly's is large, light in color, has bells in it and smells like pepper spray.

Surprises are always more fun… unless it's a baby.

They tend to startle easily, so an ill-timed surprise may actually upset them.

Why do Taliban wear loose fitting trousers?

Because sheep startle easily...


Startle joke, Why do Taliban wear loose fitting trousers?

Startling awake...

is a good way to startle a wake

I startled my wife while she was breastfeeding

You should have seen the expression on the baby's face

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