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Did you hear about the guy who was shot with a starter pistol?

Police think it is race-related

Apparently, someone has been shot with a starter pistol at the athletics track.

Police think it was race related.

Karl Marx is a historically famous figure…

But nobody ever mentions his sister, Onya, who invented the starter pistol.

Starter joke, Karl Marx is a historically famous figure…

Four engineers get into a car.. The car won't start

The Mechanical engineer says: "It's a broken starter".

The Electrical engineer says: "Dead battery".

The Chemical engineer says: "Impurities in the gasoline".

The IT engineer says: "Hey guys, I have an idea how about we all get out of the car and get back in".

News just in:

Someone has been killed with a starter pistol !!!

Police think it might be race related..............

Did you hear about the guy who got shot by a starter pistol ?

Police believe it was race related.

A lion goes into a restaurant

He sits down, and starts looking through the menu. After a while, the waiter comes over.
"What would you like to drink, sir?" Asked the waiter.
"A glass of the house wine please." The lion responds.
"Excellent choice sir! Might I recommend the Salmon for the starter?"
"Sounds delicious!"
"And what can I get you for your main?"
"Oh, just a comb."

Starter joke, A lion goes into a restaurant

Did you hear about the guy that was shot with the starter pistol ?

I guess it was race related !

For Sale: Starter motor for Perpetual Motion Machine.

Only used once.

Four engineers get into a car. The car won't start.

Mechanical engineer: it's a broken starter.

Electrical engineer: dead battery.

Chemical engineer: impurities in the gasoline.

IT engineer: hey guys, I have an idea how about we all get out of the car and get back in.

Did you hear about the guy that got murdered by a starter pistol?

Cops said it was race related

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Did you hear about the athlete shot by a starter pistol at an event?

Detectives believe it was race related.

Why should every starter house come with a cat?

Because you can't spell homeowner without meow

What's an epileptic's favorite starter?

Seizure salad.

Everyone knows the famous communist Karl Marx.

But I bet you never knew the inventor of the starter pistol was his sister, Onya.

What is wind?

Air in a hurry.

(My godmother told me that this joke back in 1930s used to be a sure fire starter)

Starter joke, What is wind?

A man has been admitted to hospital after being shot with a starter pistol.

Police think it's race related.

Why shouldn't you bother to order a flatbread appetizer from an Indian restaurant?

It will be a naan starter.

Four Engineers get into a car.

The car won't start.

The mechanical engineer says: "There must be a problem with the gear box."

The electrical engineer says: "It must have a broken starter."

The chemical engineer says: "There must be something wrong with the fuel"

The IT engineer says: "Hey, let's all get out of the car and get back in."

TIFU by sticking a chimney starter up my butt to cure my coronavirus.

Turns out it's only effective against the flue.

Why should you always bring charmander along when camping?

Because he's the fire starter.

I'm leading the singing at Keith from the Prodigy's funeral

I'm the choir starter

Straight out of Popbitch...

You know I was invited to Keith Flint's (from the Prodigy) funeral? I'm supposed to lead the singing.

I'm the choir starter.

I've been asked to lead the singing at Keith Flint's funeral

I'm a choir starter

I have a new starter business idea that's going to go viral! It's a unique product, created by harvesting the eggs from dead women…

I'm calling it: Cadaviar.

A man goes to a Chinese takeout.

Orders the starter combo platter, eats one piece, leaves the rest on the counter,

and strolls off with wanton abandon.

When I tell my friends my car is push start they always want to try it.

It's really a life saver! As long as I keep telling people it's push start, I'll never have to replace my starter!

Today my best friend and bro was killed with a starter pistol.

Police think it might be race related.

I took a girl to an Indian restaurant and ordered the flatbread basket for an appetizer. My date criticized my choice and stormed out.

Something about me being a naan starter.

Why was the business dinner at the Indian restaurant a failure?

Because they had a naan starter.

We went for Indian food on our first date so I tried to get conversation going at the table by ordering appetizers...

Turns out that was a naan starter

A starter motor walks into a bar

The bartender says, "now don't start anything!"

I heard they were going to ask...

...a mother superior to fire the pistol at the next Boston Marathon, but that idea was shot down pretty quickly. So...kind of a nun starter.

At the Special Olympics they don't use starter pistols...

They use Spud Guns.

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