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Toilet paper is sort of like the Starship Enterprise

it circles Uranus looking for Klingons

TIL the movie Starship Troopers was never adapted into a successful video game because...


What's in the toilet of the Starship Enterprise?

The Captain's log

Starship joke, What's in the toilet of the Starship Enterprise?

What award does NASA give the astronauts that board their spacecraft particularly quickly?

The starship -enter-prize.

What does the Starship Enterprise and toilet paper have in common?

They're both en route to uranus to wipe out the klingons

What did the starship captain say when he peed his pants?

Yellow alert, number one.

Why did the starship captain buy a sub-lightspeed propulsion system that he didn't need?

It was an impulse purchase.

For anyone who isn't aware, this is a star trek fathers day joke.

Starship joke, Why did the starship captain buy a sub-lightspeed propulsion system that he didn't need?

Did you hear about Starship teaming up with Ben & Jerry's?

They built this city on Rocky Road

What does the USS Starship Enterprise & toilet paper have in common?

They both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.

What's the worst job to have on The Starship Enterprise?

Cleaning up the hollodeck.

Where are all the Jews on the Starship Enterprise?

on the challah deck

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A starship engineer trades half their ship's cargo...

For a sub light engine. The captain finds out and is angry:
"Why did you trade valuable cargo for something 1/10th the value?"
The engineer replies: "Sorry captain, it was an impulse buy"

What does the Starship Enterprise have in common with toilet paper?

They circle Uranus searching for clingons.

How is the Starship Enterprise similar to toilet paper?

Both circle around Uranus searching for Klingons.

Why did Scotty check all the toilets of the Starship Enterprise?

He was looking for the Captain's log.

why is toilet paper like the starship enterprise?

they both circle Uranus and fight cling-ons.

Starship joke, why is toilet paper like the starship enterprise?

Whats the difference between Kleenex and the starship Enterprise?

They both circle Uranus searching for Clingons

What do you call a starship captain who empties space septic tanks?

William Shartner.

Why does the starship enterprise smell bad?

coz william shat-n-er.

What is the captain of the starship enterprise's favorite drink?

Picardi and coke

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