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What's the difference between a starfish and Vladimir Putin?

One is brainless, spineless, and impossible to reason with.

The other one is a starfish.

How are Michael Jackson and Starfish Tuna similar?

They both come in little cans.

What's the most famous fish?

A starfish.

Pretty obvious, right? If you have a better fish pun, let minnow.

my math teacher's joke she told us

so, in math class my teacher told us a joke that goes like this: knock knock who's there? interrupting starfish interrup-(places hand on other person's face) we laughed so hard at the teacher's reaction.

My boyfriend and I used to argue over the duvet.

I liked to sleep all stretched out like a starfish and he liked to sleep with a blonde lady called Leanne.

What did the Masochistic starfish say after he broke up with the sadistic sea anemone?

"With Fronds like these, who needs anemones!"

What fish only swims at night?

A starfish!

I got a starfish for a pet

It was a no-brainer.

What's bigger than a starfish?

A galaxyfish.

"Do you like dry, salty peanuts in your mouth?"

"I sure do. With ketchup."

"What are you, a gay starfish?!"

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