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I accidentally put corn starch in my novel..

The plot thickened.

What do you call 2 potatoes that hate each other?

Starch enemies

Monica Lewinsky walks into her dry cleaners

Monica Lewinsky walks into her dry cleaners, the guy is a little old and hard of hearing. Monica says "i need to get this dress cleaned, no starch, use the same hanger."
The dry cleaner responds "come again?"
Monica says "nope, this time it's mustard."

How do potatoes get to space?

Using the starch ship enterfries

Why did Mr. Potato Head's dry cleaning service go out of business?

He always used too much starch.

So there's a new saliva cell...

...and he's kind of panicky because he can't figure out how to digest a starch molecule.

But then good guy Mr.Enzyme comes along and says "Let me break it down for you."

How did Nelson Mandela do laundry while in prison?

He used one part water, a part corn starch, and a part Tide.


are my starch enemy.

If Iron Man were the household appliance, his alter ego would be Tony Starch. #ShowerThoughts

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