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Why did the lead singer of Drowning Pool lose his job at Starbucks?


That awkward moment...

...when the woman you're dancing behind bends over so you can grind it, then you realise she just lost an earring...and that no one else in Starbucks can hear your iPod.

So, a cheerleader walks into a Starbucks...

and shouts, "gimme a tea!"

Starbucks joke, So, a cheerleader walks into a Starbucks...

starbucks is like a hooker...

one on every corner and money upfront before they scream your name

What do aliens use for currency?


Go to Starbucks

- Order Coffee

- Tell them your name is Waldo

- Leave

I was in the queue at Starbucks this morning.

The man getting served in front of me, asked for a mocha. "Sorry sir, but we're out of mochas". The guy was fuming "I have a mocha every morning when I come in here!", he raged, "I'll just have to have a latte!". He went and sat down.

I went to the counter and said "I'll have a large latte too, please". They asked me for my name. I asked why they needed it and they told me that they'd write it on my cup and shout it when it was ready.

So I told them my name was Mocha.

Starbucks joke, I was in the queue at Starbucks this morning.

I once took a girl to Starbucks because I forgot her name.

What's the best thing about having a girlfriend who is addicted to Starbucks?

You'll never forget her name.

If a white girl goes to starbucks and doesn't post a picture on instagram, did she really go to starbucks at all?

The Starbucks in my town just hired a Jewish barista...

He brews.

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I was in Starbucks the other day and I saw a guy who dropped his coffee on the floor by mistake.....

I said to the man "wow, you actually dropped it like it's hot"

Judge threw out a lawsuit against Starbucks

said the Plaintiff had no grounds.

I made a Starbucks barista cry

I put my name down as Dad and he stood there calling it over and over again with no reply.

What's long and white?

The line to Starbucks.

So, today I found out that Starbucks coffee is an 8 on the ph scale

I guess that you could say all of those white girls are basic.

Starbucks joke, So, today I found out that Starbucks coffee is an 8 on the ph scale

What did the Minotaur order at Starbucks?

Half calf

At a Starbucks job interview

"What is your name?"
"Could you spell that, please?"
-L A R I S S A
"When can you start?!"

Overheard at Starbucks:

Man: Would you like to try a pumpkin spice latte?

Woman: No. Since Trump came on the scene I am boycotting everything orange.

My brother just finished his doctorals

So he went to Starbucks to celebrate.

The cashier said. "What would you like sir?"

"I would like an espresso please" my brother replied.

"Okay sir, I just need your name." The cashier said.

"It's Stephen" My brother replied.

"With a 'ph'?" The cashier asked.

My brother then replied. "No, it's Stephen, with a PhD"

My friends that majored in English always tell me the same thing

Welcome to Starbucks!

How do aliens pay for their coffees?

With Starbucks!

Excuse me, there's a large rat in your restroom.

Me: Excuse me, there's a large rat in your restroom.

Starbucks Employee: I'm sorry, what was that?

Me, leaning in: I said there's a large rat in your restroom.

Starbucks Employee: I'm sorry dear, I didn't quite get that.

People In the Store: *Look at me like I'm an idiot*

Me: *sigh* There's a *VENTI* rat in your restroom!

I heard Starbucks is trying to hire a lot more refugees

Those poor art majors are going to suffer, then

John robbed some coffee from Starbucks the other day.

The police are charging him for mugging.

TIL America has more museums than Starbucks and McDonald's combined.

Starbucks and McDonald's have a combined total of 0 museums.

This barista at StarBucks looked so nervous as she handed me my coffee.

I think she was scared because she spelt my name wrong, she wrote "callthecops".

I didn't bother leaving a tip.

I told my first date to meet me at Starbucks because I forgot her name

But the date went horribly wrong since Starbucks got her name wrong.

What currency do they use in space?


I told my girlfriend to wear her Starbucks uniform so we can roleplay during sex

She got my name wrong.

I like my women the way I like Starbucks

I just can't afford either

Police on lookout for Starbucks thief

Suspect is still at veinte

What's the difference between Starbucks and a prostitute?

Nothing, they both suck and will empty your wallet!

What do you order at Starbucks when you're sad?

A desspresso

I ordered two tall blacks at Starbucks yesterday.

But they were taken away by the police.

Bill Maher- Did you hear what happened at Starbucks?

They ordered two blacks to go.

What size coffee do Bishops order at Starbucks?


I saw that pastor from Aretha Franklin's funeral at Starbucks again

He was just grabbing a Grande.

Coughy Filter Joke

The barista at Starbucks was wearing a face mask.

Me: Why are you wearing a surgical mask?

She said: I'm not, it's a coughy filter.

Day 329 without sex

I went to Starbucks just so that I could hear someone scream my name....

I prefer masturbating only when I'm completely naked

Don't like that? Go to a different Starbucks!

Did you hear about the Starbucks no-mask deal? Mask-less customers who buy a Grande hot coffee today...

Will get a free Venti later

I started stealing peoples drinks at Starbucks just to see how it feels

Not my cup of tea

Did you know that Starbucks can make your teeth whiter?

Enough pumpkin spiced latte will make anything whiter

I told the woman in Starbucks to make a coffee for my girlfriend.

"How strong?"

"Well," I replied. "I could definitely take her in a fight."

What do you call a bench at Starbucks?

A basic bench

Starbucks has starting to offer free drinks during funerals

They acknowledged the need for mourning coffees

A scientist walks up to a gender studies major in a Starbucks. What does the gender studies major say?

"Welcome to Starbucks. Can I take your order please"

Two dog owners are arguing about whose pet is smarter.

My dog is so smart, says the first owner, that every morning he goes to the store and buys me a sesame seed bagel with chive cream cheese, stops off at Starbucks and picks me up a mocha latte, and then comes home and turns on ESPN, all before I get out of bed. I know, says the second owner. How do you know? the first demands. My dog told me.

I went into a Starbucks earlier and asked the barista why they were wearing a surgical mask.

They replied: "I'm not, it's a coughy filter"

even though coffee is more acidic, all Starbucks coffee products have a pH of 14

Extremely basic

What do you do when you forget your girlfriend's name?

Take her to Starbucks

What kind of currency do astronauts use?


Starbucks are looking to buy out their biggest rival

Bet that would Costa lot of money

Two dog owners are arguing about whose pet is smarter.

FO: My dog is so smart that every morning he goes to the store and buys me a sesame seed bagel with chive cream cheese, stops off at Starbucks and picks me up a mocha latte, and then comes home and turns on ESPN, all before I get out of bed.

SO: I know.

FO: How do you know?

SO: My dog told me.

A mathematician, a biologist and a physicist.

A mathematician, a biologist and a physicist are sitting on a Starbucks patio across from an abandoned building when a car pulls up, and two people get out and enter the building.

A few minutes go by, three people exit the building, get into the car and drive off.

"Hmm," says the physicist, "our original count must have been inaccurate."

"Ahh," says the biologist, "they must have reproduced!"

"Aha!" says the mathematician, "now if exactly one person enters the building, it will be empty again!"

Dr. Oz says rubbing coffee grounds on your naked body helps prevent cellulite.

Apparently you can't do it in Starbucks.

And now the cops are here…..

A customer walks up to a barista at Starbucks

They are not a huge coffee drinker so they ask the barista what's your mildest roast? The barista thinks about it for a moment and says you have mediocre ears.

What do you call a Starbucks fraternity?

Kappa cappuccino

Man walks into Starbucks

Not too experienced with the ordering process, he says " I"ll just have a mild roast".
The barrista says "you have very average ears"

What does a sick person get from Starbucks?

A coughfee

I saw a homeless man sleeping outside the train station this morning.

Not wanting to disturb him, I crept over and put a Starbucks coffee cup on top of his box.

He immediately woke up and said, Thank you.

No problem. I smiled.

He looked at me again and said, It's empty.

I said, I know, it's meant to be a chimney.

I paid for a coffee in Starbucks earlier

I've no idea how much it was in Earth money

Just been in to Starbucks and the barista was wearing a face mask

I asked "Why are you wearing a surgical mask?"

She said "I'm not, it's a coughy filter."

I got fired from Starbucks for making coffee too dark.

They said it was grounds for termination.

I took my girl to starbucks..

Cause i forgot her name

An astronaught came into the shop today

He didn't have cash but he did have Starbucks

What Does A Jewish Guy Do When He Works At Starbucks?


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