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What's the difference between Stanley Yelnats and the rest of the kids in Holes?

He was just a nerdy digger.

What did Stanley Kowalski say to Christopher Nolan?


My name's Stanley, but my friends call me Stan...

So no one calls me Stan

Stanley joke, My name's Stanley, but my friends call me Stan...

How is winning the Stanley Cup different than winning other championship trophies?

Don't ask me... I'm from Buffalo.

Why is the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto?

It's the only way a Leafs will get to see the Stanley Cup.

What does a Maple Leads fan do after his team wins the Stanley Cup?

He turns off his Xbox and goes back to bed.

What do the Titanic and The Toronto Maple Leafs have in common...

The last picture of the Titanic was in Black&White, so was the last picture of the Maple Leafs with the Stanley Cup

Stanley joke, What do the Titanic and The Toronto Maple Leafs have in common...

The moon landing was staged

The moon landing was staged and it was shot by Stanley Kubrick, the reason it looks so real is because of Kubrick's obsession with filming on location.

What do you call Penguins that whistle quickly?

Stanley Cup Champions

My trophy wife.

20 years ago, I married a trophy wife. Today, she looks like the Stanley Cup.

Why did Stanley Kubrick want to send an old minivan into space?

It would be *"A 2001 Space Odyssey"*

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Will Donald Trump take a credit for the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup victory this season?

You mean the Trump Cup?

The Stanley Cup final will feature a morally bankrupt city, that is built on corruption, greed, and deceit...

Against Las Vegas.

Now with Ovechkin winning the stanley cup...

it's only the second-largest win for the Russians in D.C. within the last few years..

The Stanley Cup Finals left me so angry last night..

I demand capital punishment.

The Next Instalment of the Flat Stanley Series:

Flatline Stan Lee

Stanley joke, The Next Instalment of the Flat Stanley Series:

Asked my friends if they had any good "Stan Lee is dead" jokes yet

The best I could get was

"His name sounds like Stanley"

What do you get when you mix Stanley Kubrik and David Bowie?

2001: A space oddity.

I hear that the Government hired Stanley Kubrick to help film The Fake Moon Landing

But since Kubrick was such a perfectionist he forced the Government to film on location.

Did you hear that the CIA hired Stanley Kubrick to fake the Moon landings?

He was such a perfectionist, he made them film on location.

NASA hired Stanley Kubrick to help fake the moon landings

But he was such a perfectionist, he filmed on location.

What is the first thing an Ottawa Senator does after winning the Stanley Cup?

Turn off his Xbox.

Why is the Hockey Hall Of Fame situated in Toronto?

So that Leafs fans can remember what a Stanley cup looks like.

Teacher: children, what's your biggest fear?

Tom (5): snakes!

Emily (6): lions!

Stanley (5): the unbelievable senselessness of life, and that we will all die a terrible death in our nightmares!

Lilly (6): Stanley!

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