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I witnessed a Mexican Standoff the other day.

It was Juan v Juan.

Probably unoriginal, thought of this over dinner

What do you call a hypothetical situation where two men in wheelchairs, wielding guns face each other, ready to fire?

Well you can't call it a stand-off, that's for sure.

Did you hear about the serial killer that got killed in a standoff with the police in an ice cream shop?

He got what he dessert.

Standoff joke, Did you hear about the serial killer that got killed in a standoff with the police in an ice cream s

Did you hear about the hostage standoff with the campers?

It was in tents.

What do you call a Mexican Standoff between two people?

Juan vs. Juan

Ever seen a Canadian standoff?

It's like a Mexican standoff, but instead of 2 guys with guns it's two guys who keep trying to let the other go through a narrow door way. "Oop, sorry. Oop, sorry"

The seven deadly sins were having a Mexican stand-off...

Greed-o shot first

Standoff joke, The seven deadly sins were having a Mexican stand-off...

What do you call it when 2 people are both waiting for the other to go first?

A Canadian stand-off.

What's the worst thing to bring to a Mexican standoff?

A chair.

What is a Canadian stand-off?

Two Canadians standing at a door way insisting the other to go first.

We all know a Mexican standoff and a Canadian standoff

So an American standoff is when two people are flipping each other off but you know nothing's going to happen.

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