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Yo momma's so mean

she has no standard deviation

A standard elevator can hold 1700 lbs

or 5 Tinder matches...

Yo mama's so mean...

She has no standard deviation.

Standa joke, Yo mama's so mean...

Your Mum's so Mean

she doesn't even have a standard deviation.

What comes standard with every German house?

A front porsche

Standards are good

Double standards are twice as good

My standards for chimneys are so high...

they go through the roof.

Standa joke, My standards for chimneys are so high...

Why is one standard deviation wealthier than the other?

because it lives well below its mean.

What standardized test do mexicans take?

The ESE T !!

My standards for women are way too high

You could almost say they're... Double standards

What is the First Order's standard unit of measurement for length?

A Kylometer

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My standards for women are the same as my standards for juice.

Five and Alive.

What comes standard with every Dutch house?

A Dutch oven

This should be a standard response to chemistry jokes

Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium

Yttrium Oxygen Uranium

Arsenic Sulphur Tungsten Iodine Phosphorus Einsteinium


My standards are as high as my pull up bar

which is on the ground, in my basement.

Some people's standards make no sense whatsoever

For some reason being under 18 is a huge turn off...

Standa joke, Some people's standards make no sense whatsoever

I have standards. I'm looking for a woman that 36-24-36.

Age, IQ, Body fat %, that is.

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