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Top 10 of the Funniest Stand Up Comic Jokes and Puns

My 8 year old brother's best joke.

What animal will you always see at a resturant?


I think my brother is a future stand-up comic.

Did you hear about the chemist turned stand-up comic?

He didn't last too long; his jokes didn't get the best reactions.

Found a wooden shoe in my toilet

it was clogged

saw on last comic standing

I got a job as a stand up with a comic sans resume, but i lost my CV

Now im a comic sans resume

What do you call a stand-up comedian with no legs?

A prop comic

Why did the stand up comic quit comedy to become a obstetrician?

He needed to work on his delivery.

I did a stand up routine on fonts, but nobody laughed

I'm a Comic, Sans the humor.

My UPS guy just moved half-way across the country to be a stand-up comic

His jokes are great but my delivery was way off

Can someone please explain this joke to me? I really don't get it.

So I was watching this stand-up comic named Anthony Jeselnik and while the rest of his show is hilarious, there was one joke I just don't get at all.

"I once mowed the lawn at a battered woman's shelter... if you know what I mean".

Yea; I'm seriously stumped.

Why didn't the clumsy stand-up comic make it as a mailman?

His delivery was all wrong and he kept falling flat.

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