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Two slices of bread are competing to see who would stay fresh the longest.

It ended in a stalemate.

People say congress is in a stalemate, but that isn't true

In order for a stalemate you need black pieces

What did the Australian say to the two people fighting over bread?

It's stalemate

Stalemate joke, What did the Australian say to the two people fighting over bread?

The Amish Space Program is at a stalemate

Jebediah and the boys just cannot figure out how to get the horses to go vertical.

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I'll start:

What happened when the Pillsbury Doughboy's girlfriend was left out too long?

He had a stalemate.

What is the leading cause of divorce in long term marriages?

A stalemate.

What do you call a necrophiliac's long term girlfriend?


Stalemate joke, What do you call a necrophiliac's long term girlfriend?

Why did the chess player throw away his bread?

Because it was stalemate


How did the Bread contest end? Stalemate.

What about the weed smoking contest? There were *joint* winners!

What about the competition to see who could locate Bangkok the quickest on a map? Was a Thai.

And that sketching contest? A draw.

What do you call a spouse of 30 years?

A stalemate.

I saw a stalemate between two bits of grass in CancΓΊn.

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