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The other day I decided to buy a Ouija board, so I could get in touch with deceased celebrities that havent crossed over yet,

The only celebrity I could get in touch with was Stephen Hawkings.

I asked him a few questions including why he was a ghost and not gone to the after life yet.

Turns out Led Zeppelin was right all along,

there is a stairway to heaven.

How many guitarist does it take to play stairway to heaven?

Apparently all of them

A stairway builder was retiring

On his last day the manager held a speech for him in the lunch-room.
"This man has worked here for over 40 years! Just imagine the number of stairs built by you alone! I reckon, on the day you die, you could stack them on top of eachother and reach heaven!"

The retiring builder, a bit red from embaresment, responded quietly:
"Oh, thank you for your kind words, but I have mostly been building basement-stairs..."

Stairway joke, A stairway builder was retiring

I don't like the song Stairway To Heaven

because it implies that heaven is not wheelchair accessible.

Stairway to Heaven

A very sad song for the handicapped.

I trust the highway to hell, but not the stairway to heaven

because it's up to something.

Whats Stephen Hawking's least favorite song?

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway joke, Whats Stephen Hawking's least favorite song?

Yo mama so fat, when she died, she broke the stairway to heaven.

And she cracked the highway to hell.

Why did the guitar shop fail a fire safety inspection?

No Stairway.

Yo momma is so lazy...

Yo momma is so lazy that when she died and went to heaven, god told her to climb the stairway to enter and she said no.
So then god sent her to hell.


My younger son is on a yo momma joke kick right now in life and said this one to me in the car. I know it's a terrible yo momma joke, but it had me cracking up because of the dark ending.

How do drummers ask if they can take a break?

It's quite simple

Hey, you guys think we can work on stairway to heaven for a bit?

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They have their ups and downs.

What do catholic priests and Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven have in common?

They both play in A Minor.

What is Kathy Durant's favorite song?

Stairway to heaven.

2 drinks...

Two drunks walking along the railroad tracks ...

#1 : dude, this is the longest stairway ...

#2 : yeah, but that doesn't bug me as bad as these low hand-rails

A psychologist walking the stairway to heaven arrives at the pearly gates ...

Says: You should write a book

Stairway joke, A psychologist walking the stairway to heaven arrives at the pearly gates ...

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