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Limericks eh?

There once was a fellow named Blair
Who was having his girl on the stair
On the 44th stroke
The banister broke
So he finished her off in the air.

So a staircase said something to me the other day...

Actually I lied, it just stared at me.

My mum hates her new stair lift

She says it drives her up the wall

Here is a complete list on how to build a single stair.

Step 1

jokes about stair

If you were a prisoner going down the stair

You couldnt be more condescending.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a man opened a banister decorations store called--

Stair Wares

I came across a broken escalator the other day

All I could do was stair.

Stair joke, I came across a broken escalator the other day

A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are all on their way to heaven

One day, a blonde, brunette, and a redhead were on their way to heaven.

God told them that there were 1,000 stairs to reach heaven, and on every stair he would tell them a joke. If they laughed, or even just smiled, they would not make it into heaven.

The redhead managed to make it to the 45th step before laughing.

The brunette reached 200 and cracked a smile.

The blonde made it all the way to the 999th step and burst out in laughter before God had even told his joke.

"Why are you laughing when I haven't even told my joke yet?" God asked the Blonde.

"I just got the first one!" she answered.

How does the President get to the top floor of the White House?

He uses Stair Force One.

I don't like stairs

I feel like they're always up to something.

There once was a man from Bel-Air

Who screwed his wife on the stair.
The bannister broke,
So he quickened his stroke,
And finished her off in the air.

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Why are stair builders so smart?

They're always one step ahead.

"Stairmaster Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in that gym?"

"Sir. Finishing this flight."


They have their ups and downs.

I don't know much about stairwell abortions...

But I've heard their use is going down.

I hate stair lifts..

They drive me right up the wall

Stair joke, I hate stair lifts..

Update on the crisis at the stair factory

The situation is escalating

A stairway builder was retiring

On his last day the manager held a speech for him in the lunch-room.
"This man has worked here for over 40 years! Just imagine the number of stairs built by you alone! I reckon, on the day you die, you could stack them on top of eachother and reach heaven!"

The retiring builder, a bit red from embaresment, responded quietly:
"Oh, thank you for your kind words, but I have mostly been building basement-stairs..."

Stairs VS Escalators

Escalator: All he does is stair.

Stair: Well that escalated quickly!

I tried to build a DIY Stair Master...

The instructions were only a few steps, but they went on forever.

What goes bump in the night?

A baby falling down a staircase.
What goes bump in the day?
The mother tripping on the stair landing.

I knew Inwas really out of shape, so I bought a stair master online...

But I couldn't even put it together because the instructions were step-by-step.

Stairway to Heaven

A very sad song for the handicapped.

I can't stand stair lifts...

Those things drive me up the wall!

I've had it with stairs

They're always up to something or bringing me down.

I absolutely hate stair lifts

They drive me up the wall

Stair joke, I absolutely hate stair lifts

Do you know why I don't like stairs?

Because they're always up to something

Why did the staircase had bad relationship with his mom?

because his mom was his stepmom.

My grandfather seems really annoyed for having to use the stair lift to go upstairs.

He said, It's driving me up the wall.

I'll tell you what gets me down.


A blonde, brunette, and a red-head go to heaven

They meet St. Peter at a staircase with 100 stairs

St. Peter says, "To get to the gates, you need to climb the stairs, but on each stair is a joke or a riddle. If you laugh, you have to start over."

The red-head goes first. She gets to the first step and laughs.

The brunette goes next. She gets to the thirty second step, then laughs.

The blonde goes last. She got to the final step, and laughed.

St. Peter asks, "You were so close. Why did you laugh?"

The blonde replies, "I finally got the joke from the first step."

How do you know that a lot more people go to hell instead of heaven?

Well theres a high way to hell but only a stair way to heaven

There was once a man from bel air who was doing his wife on the stair,

but the banister broke so he doubled his stroke and finished her off in mid air!

I told my carpenter I didn't want carpeted steps.

He gave me a blank stair.

A blonde and two brunettes had to climb 100 stairs without laughing

On each stair they were told a joke, and they got funnier every stair higher.

The first brunette only made it to the first stair.

The second brunette made it to the fifth stair before she laughed.

The blonde slowly made her way up all the stairs, until finally she was at the 99th stair, where she let out a chuckle.

The brunettes, in awe of how well she did, asked her why she laughed.

She replied I finally got the first joke

I hate stair lifts

They drive me up the friggin wall

I asked my handyman why did he paint my staircase white

He was indeed puzzled. The only thing I got from him is a blank stair

I offered our elderly next door neighbour £20 to let me try out her stair lift.

I think she's going to take me up on it.

Did you know that stairs come with their own instructions?

They're step-by-step.

Why did the stair contractor get in so many fights?

He kept asking people if they want a step outside.

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