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Dry cleaners.

A hot blond walks into a Dry cleaners. She tells the teller "I need to get a stain removed from my sweater. The teller being a little hard of hearing asks "Come again?" To which she replied " No, its mustard."

I want to get a dog just so I can name it Stain

That way when I take it to the park, and if it runs off, I can yell "come Stain!"

My stainless steel scissor rusted

How ironic.

Stain joke, My stainless steel scissor rusted

Weed strin humor

At the dispensary there is a stain called Aldous Huxley. If you smoke it with your wife she becomes sterile.


I don't think that's a drool stain.

A pretty young girl goes into a her local dry-cleaners with an evening dress under her arm. She shows the dress to the old man behind the counter and asks
"It's really not too dirty except for this one stain, can you take care of the stain for me, please?"
The old man is hard of hearing and says
"Come again?"
The girl replies
"No, just some mustard."

A blonde goes to the dry cleaners

She hands him her dress which has a huge stain in the front. She pays him and says "I need this dress for a party. So can you please get it cleaned by Thursday?" Now the dry cleaner was very old and couldn't hear properly so he asks her "Come again?"
The blonde blushes furiously and says "No, it is mayonnaise this time"

Bill Clinton takes a dress to the dry cleaners...

He asks the laundress to get a stain out of the dress, but she doesn't quite hear him with the machines running.

"Come again?" she says.

"Actually, it's mustard this time."

Stain joke, Bill Clinton takes a dress to the dry cleaners...

Why when you spill red wine on a carpet do you take the stain out with white wine?

Because more alcohol is the solution to all problems.

A lady goes into the dry cleaners

Lady: "I was wondering if you could get this stain out of my blouse"

The Clerk: "Come again?"

Lady: "No, this time it's just yogurt"

What do you call an oil stain that lasted for 1000 years?

Ancient grease

Girl walks up to a guy and says "hey, you've got a white stain on your shirt"

Guy says, "Sorry, it's genetic."

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A blonde walks into a very noisy dry cleaners..

blonde: "Could you get this stain out for me please"

cashier: "COME AGAIN?"


"Stain, color, darken, tint..."

Those were my grandfather's dyeing words.

Wife asks husband: How did you get the stain of lipstick on you shirt?

Husband replies " I'm also in shock , i was full naked that time"

My neighbor left his trash out this morning, and there's a red stain where the can was.

He'll probably ask his wife to clean it.

For sale: One parachute.

Unopened condition. Small stain. As is.

Stain joke, For sale: One parachute.

How do you call a dog named Stain?

Come Stain!

Monica Lewinsky takes a dress to her dry cleaner.

"Do you think you'll be able to get the stain out?" she asks.

"Come again?" the man at the counter responds.

"No, mustard," Monica replies

A woman walks into the dry cleaners...

Clerk: Hello ma'am, what can we do for you?

Woman: I would like to drop off my coat.

Clerk: Ok, what would you like us to do with it?

Woman: I would like you to get the stain out of the collar area.

Clerk: Come again?

Woman: No, it's mustard this time.

Blonde Joke!

Blonde walks into a dry cleaner with her sweater and asks the clerk how much it would cost to get the stain out. The clerk didn't hear her turns to her and says come again? The blonde giggles and says no it's just mustard this time

On this stain remover it said: "Gets rid of all marks."

Now I wish we'd named our son that.

What do you call that red stain around a shark's mouth?


Wife in bed says to her husband I know it was you who farted .

Husband responds How can it be me when I know it was you who farted ?

Wife replies because I can see the stain on your underwear .

We decided to name our dog stain

That way we can say come stain

I have a drip on my shoe from when I was eating a gyro in Europe.

I'm calling it a Greece stain.

Parachute for sale...

...Used once, never opened, small stain.

When is a stain not a stain?

When it taint.

Parachute for sale

Parachute for sale: used once, never opened, small stain

I saw an oil stain that was 1000 years old

It was ancient grease.

I saw a 2000 year old oil stain.

It was from ancient Greece.

Come Again They said as the woman drops off her stained dress at the drycleaners

No, it's actually a yogurt stain this time. She replied

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