Ssd Jokes

What are some Ssd jokes?

My wife got mad at me for crossdressing

so I packed her clothes and left.

Child 1: "Dad why did you name me rose?"

Child 1: "Dad why did you name me rose?"

Dad: "Because when you were born a little rose petal fell on your forehead, it was such a beautiful moment."

Child 2: "And why did you name me Lily?"

Dad: "Because when you were born a little Lily fluttered onto your forehead"


Dad: "Shut up Boulder!"

What do transgenders put on their salad?


What do you call an overweight crossdresser?

Trans fat.

My girlfriend asked me to try crossdressing.

I told her I'd really rather not. 

She snapped back at me "Can't you just this once put yourself in my shoes?"

A crossdresser, a vegan and an athiest walk into a bar

I only know because it's reposted every week

My ex-wife accused me of being a crossdresser...

So I packed her things and left

What do you call RuPaul's crossdessing sister?


What do you call a dinosaur who likes crossdressing?

Try Sarah's Tops

What do you call an angry Russian?


Why can't the Muslim crossdresser feed his family?

He lost hijab.

I have enough money in my bank to live my live without working

If I die this wednessday that is..

What's the best day to marry the Loch Ness Monster?


What do you call a crossdressing man who always goes commando?


A Chinese woman who was a chronic masturbator crossdressed to enlist in the army

Her name was Fa Ping

Did you hear bout that mafia goon who crossdressed as a female servant?

He was a maid man.

What do you call a crossdressing nanny in Martha's Vineyard?

A Nantucket.

What does an SSD and the garbage cokkector have in common

They perform garbage collection

Which day of the week are not meant for wanking?


Most people don't know that J.S. Bach was a crossdresser

When he farted, it was air on the G-string.

What does a crossdressing soundcliud rapper wear?

A skrrrrt

A crossdresser won tickets for a cruise from Miami to Spain

It was a Trans-Atlantic cruise.


I can't move

What did the baby SSD say to the daddy HDD?


And then the HDD beat the SSD and left him for 10 years

What would Gavin Rossdale say to the Talking Heads band members if they ever met?

There's no sax in your violins.

What do you call a cheap whorehouse?


Did you hear about the crossdressing pothead?

I heard they're calling him the feel good drag.

Working title for the new Tyler Perry movie?

Alex Crossdresser

Why did Gavin Rossdale marry Gwen Stefani?

for No Doubt Bush

I think Jesus was at least crossdresser-curious

His nails were red.

I have narcolepsy

It means that I canhgffreededssdxcvwxccccccccccccc

Why was Jesus crucified?

Because the Romans wanted to be crossdressers.

Why did the SSD burn a flag?

Because it was a Patriot Blaze

Really upset about this migration crisis...

My SSD's sectors are misaligned, and it's really bugging me.

What do you call DJ Khaled crossdressing as Hulk Hogan?

"A "brother" one."

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