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What's a flower plus a t-Rex?

A squished flower!
(An original from my 5 year old)

what goes thump thump thump squish thump thump thump squish

a caterpillar with one wet sneaker.

Keeping up with the times

I went round to my sons' house and whilst we were sitting having a cup of tea, I said: "Son, can I borrow your newspaper?"
"Dad, this is the 21st Century", he replied, "We save money by not buying newspapers. But if you like you can have my iPad."
I'll tell you, that spider got squished real good...

What does a West Virginia woman say after s**...?

Git off me Pa, you're squishing my smokes.

Three tomatoes are walking down the street

Three tomatoes are walking down the street,Papa tomato, Mama tomato and Baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind and Papa tomato gets really angry. Papa goes back and squishes him and says,

I don't believe that the Moon Landing ever happened.

I mean, come on. The Moon is huge; if it had landed, it would've squished all of the astronauts.

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