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King: How many volunteers do we have for my evil army?

Squire: 384 my liege

king: Ok, round them up

Squire: 400 my liege

What did the squire say to his boss after he tucked him in?

Night knight.

What did the Catholic crusader do once he was finished with the front of the squire?

He turned the page.

A knight asks a squire for the time

The squire says: it seems to be 3 pm
The knights shuts his visor and says: no, its knight time

Lost Shakespearean Soliloquy

Scholars have found an heretofore unknown piece of Shakespeare's "Merry Wives of Windsor" thought to be an homage to Aristophanes' "Lysistrata." It is a short speech by a s**... frustrated squire named Fullstaff.

Did you know, if you google medieval squire boy....

it'll say this page cannot be found.

Why did the squire go to the tournament at sundown?

It was knight time.

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