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Why do asians squint all the time?

Because nukes are so bright

Did you know you can break your nose if you squint hard enough?

I did it on the bus today and some Asian guy punched me in the face!

In America, we hold staring contests.

In Asia, they squint.

Squint joke, In America, we hold staring contests.

How to be an asian...

Just squint your eyes and say "We all how smaw deek" out loud.

The flash from the Hiroshima bomb was so bright...

...that even today, people there walk around with their eyes in a squint

What's the deal with short films?

I'm so tall that I have to squint to see them!

What is blurrier the more you squint?


Squint joke, What is blurrier the more you squint?

Why do Japanese people squint?

Nuclear explosions are bright

You say I'm squinting

but I'm just centralised.

A squint eyed person's father dies

He buries his uncle instead

PS: no offense

A Squint on a bike

A squint was riding the bike when someone warned him : careful of that Mailbox!!,

The squint replayed : no worries, I'll go between them.

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