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I tried communicating with a mouse

But, I couldn't squeak her language.


What's the squeakiest ride at the fair?

The haunted mouse


A construction worker goes to the foreman and says "Sir, there's something wrong with the wheelbarrow"

The foreman says "What do you mean?" and the worker says "Well, when I push it, it goes 'Squeak... *squeak*... Squeak... *squeak*... Squeak... *squeak*... Squeak... *squeak*... ' "

The foreman says "You're fired!" and the worker says "What for?"

"Because," says the foreman, "it should have been going 'Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*...' "


Animal sounds

Cats go meow

Rats go squeak

Dogs go woof

Pigs go "Put your hands on your fucking head unless you wanna be shot in your fucking skull!"


What does the Indian dog say?

Send ball and squeak


3 Gay Guys Walk Into A Bar

3 gay guys walk int a bar. One of them farts, which sounds like a high pitched squeak. The other two squeal He's a virgin!!!


What do you here when Mickey and Minnie are doing it?

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak


How do you make a door squeak?

Twist its knob.


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