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The Best jokes about Squeak

What do you call a midget in a gang?

A pimp squeak.

I tried communicating with a mouse

But, I couldn't squeak her language.

What's the squeakiest ride at the fair?

The haunted mouse

A construction worker goes to the foreman and says "Sir, there's something wrong with the wheelbarrow"

The foreman says "What do you mean?" and the worker says "Well, when I push it, it goes 'Squeak... *squeak*... Squeak... *squeak*... Squeak... *squeak*... Squeak... *squeak*... ' "

The foreman says "You're fired!" and the worker says "What for?"

"Because," says the foreman, "it should have been going 'Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*Squeak*squeak*...' "

Saloon owner in the mid 1800's asks the carpenter

"Can you make the floors not squeak except when a bad person walks in?"

Carpenter says " WAT?"

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