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  1. For the geeks An SQL query walks into a bar and sees two tables. He walks up to them and says 'Can i join you?'
  2. An SQL query walks into a bar. Looking around, he sees a pair of tables. Going up to them, he asks, "Excuse me, but do you mind if I join you?"
  3. I'm planning to make a film series on databases. I've got the first part ready, but I can't think of a SQL.
  4. SQL Three SQL databases walk into a bar... then they leave. Why?

    They couldn't find a table.
  5. Why does Pennywise make such a horrible SQL database architect? He tries to cast all the data to float.
  6. SQL and Oracle walk into a NoSQL bar... They waited around for 25 minutes but then had to leave. They couldn't find a table.
  7. What did the programming languages think about the database movie? They couldn't wait to see the SQL!

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  1. A SQL developer walks into a bar... He approaches two tables and asks, "May I join you
  2. An SQL query walks into a bar ... Walks up to two tables and says: "CAN I JOIN YOU?"
  3. Did you see the movie about a database query? I heard the SQL is better.
  4. Did you hear they're making a Source Code 2? It's gonna be called Source Code: The SQL!
  5. What do you a call a homosexual really good at SQL? A queery
  6. An SQL query walks into a bar and starts dropping names
  7. How does a SQL expert get a date? getDate()
  8. A database programmer writes a book. But every one is disappointed that there is no SQL.
  9. Bob's first documentary on early databases didn't do well But the SQL was awesome!
  10. What do SQL programmers do at night? Count star.

Sql joke, What do SQL programmers do at night?

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Breakups are the best excuse.

Your friends want to go out to that restaurant you hate?
Just look sad and say: My girlfriend and I used to love going there...
Boom, nobody wants to go anymore. Pity works wonders.
Your boss asks you at stay late Friday night?
Look sad and say: My girlfriend and I used to do SQL database backups...
Boom, no work!

Sql joke, What do SQL programmers do at night?