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Top 10 Funniest Spud Jokes and Puns

What do you call a spud that smokes weed?

A baked potato

What do you call a really handsome potato?

A spud.

I've decided to start up my own restaurant. Main dish is curry poured over french fries.

It's called "Curry on my Wayward Spud". And for dessert? There'll be peas when you are done.

What Beer does Mr. Potato Head drink?

Spud Lite

What do you call a spud high on weed

A baked potato

Someone at a sports event says In all of my years as a spud, I have never seen a play as amazing as that one . Who was that someone?

The common tater

What do call a gigolo from Idaho?

A spud muffin.

Spud joke, What do call a gigolo from Idaho?

What do you get when you cross a spud and a metal show?

Moshed potatoes.

Here's for all the farmers out there. Why don't potatoes make good listeners?

Because they always spud in!

What do you call a picture of a spud?

A photato!

What's a metalhead's favourite spud?


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What do you call a rotten potato?

A dud of a spud.

At the Special Olympics they don't use starter pistols...

They use Spud Guns.

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