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What do you call a fir tree that knows kung fu?

Spruce Lee

Christmas has been a bit repetitive...

so I got a different type of tree just to spruce it up a bit

What do you call a Christmas tree that only appears in action movies?

Spruce Willis.

Spruce joke, What do you call a Christmas tree that only appears in action movies?

This one's sappy…

I named the new tree in my yard Spruce Jenner. It's a transplant.

What do you call a tree with a blackbelt?

Spruce Lee

Did you hear about the coniferous Ent who carried the entire E Street Band to a 13 year old Make A Wish kid?

It's all over the newspapers – "SPRUCE BRINGS TEEN CONCERT"

Canada is a logging nation.

Maple trees, spruce tress, and indigenous family trees.

Spruce joke, Canada is a logging nation.

What do you call a tree that does martial arts?

Spruce Lee

A carpenter pulls up to his doctor with his truck

"Took me a while to source the right kind of spruce, but I have the stool samples you asked for"

What do you call a tree that does karate

Spruce Lee

What do you call a transgender tree?

Spruce Jenner

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What do 90's boy bands and blue spruce trees have in common?

They all have frosted tips.

What do you call a tree that protects Gotham City?

Spruce Wayne

Why did the arborist plant new pine trees on their front lawn?

To spruce things up a bit.

What do you call a Bruce Springsteen ornament on a christmas tree?

Spruce springsteen

Have you met Brock lee's cousins?

His vegan cousin: broco lee,
Asian cousin: rock lee
and his Canadian cousin: spruce lee

Spruce joke, Have you met Brock lee's cousins?

What do you get when you cross a Kung Fu master and an Evergreen Tree?

Spruce Lee

My girlfriend told me that if I were a tree, she'd want me to be a Christmas tree so she could spruce me up

I told her she'd probably be a huge birch

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