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What did the plant say to the sprinkler?

Stop spraying water everywhere, you're really starting to irrigate me!!

Did you hear the one about the sprinkler that tried to spray a man in the eye?

It completely mist!

What call three hispanica, three Asians, and three black people in a group?

A sprinkler
SpinkSpinkSpink ChinkChinkChink NiggaNiggaNigga
(Sounds of a sprinkler)

Sprinkler joke, What call three hispanica, three Asians, and three black people in a group?

What's the difference between a male and a female fire sprinkler system?

The male will exhaust the fire, the female will exhaust the water supply

Do you know what apple is calling their new sprinkler system?

I dew.

What did the Jamaican watermelon say to the sprinkler?

Ayy brutha, water mi lawn

Why did Chris Brown get a lawn sprinkler system installed?

His hose ain't loyal

Sprinkler joke, Why did Chris Brown get a lawn sprinkler system installed?

What did the Polish sprinkler sound like?

Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak

My neighbour's sprinkler is always running.

It's a constant irrigation to me.

Do you know the sprinklers that go off in the vegetable section?

The hospital told me it was inhumane or something

How do you interrupt a vegans dinner?

Just turn on the sprinkler.

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If the Red House is red and the Blue House is Blue, what color is the Green House?



I accidentally broke the sprinkler system.

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