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How can you tell the difference between spring rolls and summer rolls?

By their seasoning.

What's the difference between a spring roll and a summer roll?


The four seasons were arguing about which of them was the best…

Winter boasts, "Well, you can build snowmen and the snow is so beautiful!"

Spring laughs, "Well sure, but come springtime, everything is so fresh and new! All the new flowers, it can't get much better than that!"

Summer rays, "Yes, but I am undoubtably the overall best season! Girls in bikinis, ice cream, nice weather. You can't top that!"

Autumn ~ *-leaves-*

Everyone seems to think my jokes about spring, summer, and fall are awful.

Oh well. I guess they can't all be winters.

Why is spring water always freezing cold?

Because if it were any warmer, it'd be summer water.

Why do blondes give more head in spring?

They've heard that one swallow doesn't make a summer.

Spring, winter, summer, or autumn? the best seasons for chefs are..

Salt and Pepper

I have seasonal depression

I'm depressed in the spring, summer, fall and winter

How did the trees tell the misbehaving saplings to get out of the grove before summer?

They just said they had to leave by spring.

Why do all 6 year olds know first hand about climate change?

every kindergarten has drawings of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Why do mathematicians think that spring is summer?

It's not their fault. May tricks them.

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