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What do South Koreans call their spouses?


When mediums get drunk and all sentimental...

They call their future spouses.

Australian homophobes were up in arms after the country legalized gay marriage recently

They held a rally to protest with their spouses, walking down the roads chanting " Thats not a woife...this is a woife."

Spouses joke, Australian homophobes were up in arms after the country legalized gay marriage recently

There's an international multi-event competition for military spouses, but the same team wins every year.

The Swiss Army Wives.

Spouses are a lot like FBI agents

They won't ask you a question that they do not already know the answer to.

How do trucks get spouses?

Pickup lines.

Spouses are a lot like old toys at home

You realize their importance only when someone else starts to play with them

Spouses joke, Spouses are a lot like old toys at home

Spouses should take note from Playstation Network.

Now it knows how to go down.

Why are lucky golfers able to cheat on their spouses?

They always have good lies

Did you hear about the two people with OCD who were cheating on their spouses to be together?

It was a sorted affair.

A recent study found that the divorce rate is much lower among couples where both spouses have a lisp.

But their divorth rate is much higher.

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What do they call the all-nun Led Zeppelin cover band?

Spouses of the Holy

Doctors make the best spouses.

They admit everything, even their own mistakes.

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