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A thief entered a theatre...

He stole the spotlight

Aspiring thief breaks into theater...

Steals spotlight.

A thief walked into a theatre

He stole the spotlight

(I saw this joke on plague inc and wanted to share it with you guys)

Spotlight joke, A thief walked into a theatre

There was a thief that went to a theater to steal an expensive prop...

But what he really stole was the spotlight.

Did you guys hear about the thief that broke into the theatre?

Apparently he stole the spotlight

I have a photograph of me and the lead singer of REM ....

That's me in the corner and that's him in the spotlight.

Aspiring thief enters theater

Steals spotlight

Spotlight joke, Aspiring thief enters theater

What's a Dalmatian's favorite lighting fixture?

A spot-light!

Gary Johnson is at a fundraiser

Gary Johnson is at a fundraiser for the upcoming election. Worn out from being in the spotlight, he propositions a hooker and heads to a hotel room. Once inside, they rip their clothes off and start making out. She throws him on the bed and seductively asks "Do you enjoy felacio?" He looks at her with a blank face:

"Man, can't anyone cut me a break?"

Did hear about the thief that decided to raid the theatre?

He sure stole the spotlight.

Did you hear about the thief that went to the theatre?

He stole the spotlight

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What does a Dalmatian eat, breathe, and sleep for?

The spotlight!

A thief entered a theater to make her debut.

She really stole the spotlight.

An aspiring thief broke into a theater.

He stole the spotlight.

An aspiring actor turned thief has broken into Sydney Opera House.

Sources say he stole the spotlight.

Did you hear about the thief who performed ar his local theatre?

He stole the spotlight

Spotlight joke, Did you hear about the thief who performed ar his local theatre?

Why did Trump hold a Presidential Address tonight?

He couldn't stand the Sun trying to take away the spotlight of of him today.

I was a bit confused when I walked into my Sex Addicts Anonymous group and saw a priest... Aren't they supposed to be celibate?

Then I remembered the movie Spotlight.

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