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I was spooning my girlfriend the other night...

guess that makes us a pair of cuddelery.

My wife is very insistent on spooning in bed?

But forking is apparently off the table

The other night, I asked a woman If she wanted to come back to my place for a cuddle.

She said, "There will be no spooning. There will definitely be no forking. But if you talk to me again, there will be a knifing."

The place of my woman is in the kitchen…

Spooning me while I do the dishes

When do people like spooning?

After they are finished forking

Spooning leads to forking

But if you fork the wrong dish, you could get knifed.

People say I'm crazy because I don't enjoy spooning girls

I much prefer knifing them.

Why do they call it spooning?

Because it's the opposite of forking


leads to forking

Spooning with the GF this morning...

and she says to me, "Am I the little spoon?"

I said "No, you're more like the cake tin."

Didn't go down well.

What do you call two midgets spooning?


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People say I'm weird for not enjoying spooning girls

I much prefer knifing them.

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