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E Minor is Spooky.

It always gives me the E B G Bs.

There is no ghost

While visiting a spooky historic house, a lady confided in the guide that she was terrified of ghosts and dreaded meeting one on the tour.
To reassure her, the guide told her that in all the years he had worked at the house, he had never seen a single ghost.
And how long have you worked here? asked the woman.
Three hundred years.

What do you call a spooky chicken?

A Poultrygeist

Spooky joke, What do you call a spooky chicken?

What do you call a gang of ghosts?

A hauntourage ~

happy spooky season haha

A clown and a little kid were walking hand in hand down a dark deserted forest path and the little kid says "Gosh, it's spooky in here!"

And the clown says "What are you scared about? I gotta walk back all alone!"

Why don't mummies like vacations?

They're afraid to unwind!

Happy Spooky Month!!

All the jokes I post are my own. Except the spooky jokes.

They're by my ghostwriter.

Spooky joke, All the jokes I post are my own. Except the spooky jokes.

Spooky Joke

How do vampire's start all of their letters?

Tomb it may concern

Three vampires enter a dim bar in Kent.

The barmaid asksΒ "What'll you have gentlemen?"

Flashing his best spooky grin, the first vampire saysΒ "I'll have a glass of blood"Β Β When she asks second vampire, he says,"Glass of blood please"Β Β She looks at the third vampire and he smirks and says,Β "I'll take a glass of plasma"

She shrugs and yells down the barΒ Β "Two bloods and a blood lite".Β 

Is saying "yes yes" spooky?


A scary thing to do to your girlfriend on Halloween...

is ask her if she's going as a sumo wrestler.

Shout out to my friend Ryan Smith for this joke

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What do you call spooky Italian music?

Creepy pasta.

What does my spooky corn come off of?


Spook me once shame on me. Spook me twice...

That's 2 spooky 4 me.

What is it called when a skeleton takes a dump?

A spooky dookie

Two cheeses are walking through the woods when they hear a spooky sound. One cheese turns to the other and shouts...

Ricotta g-ouda here!!!

Spooky joke, Two cheeses are walking through the woods when they hear a spooky sound. One cheese turns to the oth

What would you find on a spooky beach?

A sand-witch!

what do you call a fast ghost?

spooky gonzales

Sometimes I don't have the time to wear my spooky bling.

My scare jewels always changing.

Spooky memes at the first week of October where dead.

And now that that they're back, they are UNDEAD.

A spooky dead guy's favorite alcohol?


Heres a spooky joke I heard long ago: What's a skeletons favorite instrument?

Nothing! What did you expect they're dead and so is this joke!

What do you call a spooky plate of spaghetti?

A creepy pasta.

The spooky makeup

What is the spookiest make-up?


What does Halloween and Valentine's Day have in common?

A lot of spooky moaning.

Why did the physicist move across the street from the haunted graveyard?

To observe spooky action at a distance!

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

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