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What's the spookiest kind of cheese?

Scream cheese.

Spooky Joke

How do vampire's start all of their letters?

Tomb it may concern

why do highlanders wear kilts?

because zippers spook the sheep!

Spook joke, why do highlanders wear kilts?

Is saying "yes yes" spooky?


I jumped out from behind a door to spook my friend. He started rhythmically quacking over a beat.

Apparently, I scared duck rap out of him.

What does my spooky corn come off of?


Spook me once shame on me. Spook me twice...

That's 2 spooky 4 me.

Spook joke, Spook me once shame on me. Spook me twice...

What are the spookiest sounds?


What did the ghost mother say to her ghost son?

Don't spook until you are spooken to.

Yep, 5yr old sibling dropped this on me as I was cooking...

What is the spookiest day of the year?

November 8th.

Spooky memes at the first week of October where dead.

And now that that they're back, they are UNDEAD.

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Being that it's Spooktober

I'm shocked that nobody said bust a Slimer

A spooky dead guy's favorite alcohol?


What is the spookiest car?

BOOgatti veyron


Apparently I was supposed to wait until October 31st to dress up like a ghost.

Guess I spook too soon.

What is the spookiest plant this month?


Spook joke, What is the spookiest plant this month?

What is the spookiest body of water?

Lake Erie.

The spooky makeup

What is the spookiest make-up?


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